These TBT Pictures Of Ninne Pelladatha’s Priyanka Sai Vijay Will Make You Say “WHAT!”

Sneha Bale

September 26, 2019


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Beauty in blue


ZEE Telugu show Ninne Pelladatha revolves around its lead couple Madhu and Mrudula, played by Prathap and Bhoomi Shetty. Although the show is a journey of the couple, we have seen more people trying to break them than people who are trying to keep them together. It was Mansi, the girl obsessively in love with Madhu, and her cousin Sarayu. The two roped in many people to break them apart and one of them is the hippie, modern chica we know as Nabhia. The actor playing Nabhia is Priyanka Sai Vijay. And she looked nothing like we saw her in the show. Check out these pictures.

Beauty in blue! With open and curly mane flying with the wind. Gorgeous, isn’t she?

Lady in red


Nabhiya, in Ninne Pelladatha, wore dark coloured pants and t-shirts with a half-shaved punk hairstyle. But look at her rocking this red pattucheera and gold jewellery with her hair tied in a sleek low bun. Damn!

Graceful in pastels


The only time Nabhia donned a pastel shade was when Madhu caught her discussing her plans red-handed. And honestly, we thought she looked amazing. And now our doubts have been resolved. Because Priyanka truly looks fantastic in these light hues.

Unimaginably Pretty


Priyanka isn’t new to the small screen. She has been a part of popular ZEE Telugu show Na Kodalu Bangaram. We have seen her in many roles and avatars. But this picture from her Instagram has revealed a whole new shade to Priyanka and we’re lovin’ it!

Gorgeous in Green


Don’t you wish Nabhia was seen more like this in Ninne Pelladatha? We’re sure Priyanka shares nothing in common with her on-screen character. Oh, that hair! We hope Priyanka brings back this classy look.

Magical in monochrome


No amount of filters can replace the magic of a black-and-white picture. Priyanka enhances her beauty manifold in this monochromatic photo and we can’t stop looking at her!

Good ol’ simplicity


The last of the lot is the throwback picture that really got us saying “What a beauty!” Clad in a black-and-silver saree with her long tresses on one side, Priyanka looks beautiful. Would you be able to recognise Nabhia in Ninne Pelladatha now?

Check out another amazing show led by women, Muddha Mandaram on ZEE5.

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