These Scenes From Brother Of Bommali Will Make All Siblings Say ‘Guilty As Charged’

Sneha Bale

September 13, 2019


1 min

Standing Up For And With Each Other


Twins with twisted lives and enormous comedy, that’s Allari Naresh and Kartika Nair’s Brother of Bommali for us. When watching this comedy entertainer, we came across multiple moments that will make all siblings hide their face and say ‘guilty as charged’. Check out our list.

As opposed to popular opinion, we begin with a rather sweet moment between siblings. And that’s standing up and for each other. In the film, every time Ramki (Naresh) is in danger, his younger sister Lucky (Kartika) comes to his rescue. In reality, it goes both ways. Each sibling ends up saving the other from bullies, creeps and other stupidity.

Blaming it on each other


Do not try to cover your face! You know you have done this (too many times). Let’s just accept it. Cue montage of all the times you have faked tears, yelled to call out a parent to complain about the other, made a mistake but blamed it on your sibling. Yes, we’ve all done that and been there.

Making up stories


A wise person once said, ‘secrets keep you closer’. And that’s entirely the case with siblings. Sometimes you may share your deep and dark secrets but most of the times, they simply find a way to find out your secrets. It’s this very nosy nature that helps their bond strengthen. Because both of them have personal reasons to save and play along with the other’s story.

Free rides


It’s a universal fact. We all need a sibling because we need someone to drop us and pick us up, a personal chauffeur if you will. Do you agree or do you agree?

Your money is my money


Raksha Bandhan and birthdays are just a formal way of using your sibling’s money. But every day you use their money as if it’s yours. Maybe not anymore, but there was surely a phase when you did. Even as one grows up, your sibling is the first person you go to for help.

We’re not talking anymore


Siblings spend half of their lives living with each other. The fights can range from ‘Ah! Let it go’ to ‘We’re not talking anymore’. At least once, you will reach the extreme level of ignoring each other’s existence. But there comes a time when you make up and start talking again. It’s a vicious cycle that we sit and laugh about.

Common friends


The things you cannot share with your family, you share it with your friends. But imagine the misery if your sibling hangs out with all your pals. Every (younger) sibling wants to befriend the friends of their sibling. And as annoying as it feels it in beginning, it helps the siblings grow closer to each other.

Finally, as annoying as they are, siblings are quite important to us. What do you think? Check out Next Nuvve on ZEE5.

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