These Posts Of Karthik Raj Prove That He Understands The Complex Philosophy Of Life

Karthik aka Adithya of Sembaruthi, is man who is thoughtful, alert, insightful and knowledgeable.

August 8, 2019


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If you have been wondering what makes Karthik Raj deliver intense performances in your favourite show Sembaruthi, then here’s the answer. The hunk of an actor, who does the talking by giving minimal yet powerful expressions, thinks like a philosopher. Yes, Karthik aka Adithya is man who is thoughtful, alert, insightful and knowledgeable.

Most of Karthik’s post reflect his perception of life and the variety of things it has in its kitty for us. For example, “Keep your dreams alive. Have faith in your ability. All things are possible for those who believe, Life is beautiful.”

Th following post reflects Karthik’s super cool attitude as he believes in doing things his way, and cares the least about what people think.

“You call me insane. I simply see a deeper reality then you! As long as you know who you are and what makes you happy. It doesn’t matter how others see you. Live free.”

“The two most powerful things are patience and time. The single most powerful thing is to be myself.”

Karthik knows that change is the only constant, Hence he says, “Meant to be but not the lasting kind.”

Karthik keeps it simple but straight. He doesn’t believe in being in anyone’s good books. Hence, he believes in the following:

“Never worry about what they think. Worry about what you think. After all,you have to live with your choices. They don’t.”

For the unversed, as Adithya, Karthik Raj almost reflects his real personality on screen. Adithya of Sembaruthi doesn’t speak much. He makes his deeds and his conduct do the talking. The actor has wowed his fans by essaying the role to perfection. Let us know what you like the most about Adithya by leaving your comment in the box below and for more entertainment, watch Nachiyarmuram starring real-life couple Dinesh and Rachitha.

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