These Photos Prove Manali Dey Aka Nakshi Kantha’s Shabnam Is Like A Regular Girl In Love

Amrita Ganguly

November 1, 2019


1 min

Playing Dress Up


The lead actor from the popular Bengali serial Nakshi Kantha — Manali Dey — is a household name. The chirpy girl plays the role of Shabnam, a doctor madly in love with Dr. Jash aka actor Suman Dey in the TV show. While in Nakshi Kantha, Jash has found love again in Shabnam post his first marriage with Rohini, in real life, Manali has found love for the second time too. Check out these photos of the actor with husband Abhimanyu Mukherjee which show that they are as much of a regular couple as any of us are.

Isn’t it a couple thing to wear your best traditional attire and click photographs during a festival? This is exactly what Manali and Abhimanyu are seen doing here.


Hanging Out Together


When they are not celebrating festivals, Manali and Abhimanyu are casually hanging out in slogan tees, giving out chilled out vibes. Isn’t that quite adorable? Being comfortable around each other is love after all.

Smiling Often


You can’t miss the glow on Manali’s face here. The smiles on both her and Abhimanyu’s faces say it all about their affection towards each other. They look so adorable.

Selfie Time


The one thing that almost all couples do is clicking selfies together, and Manali is no different. While Manali is smiling, check out Abhimanyu winking at the camera.

Candid Moments


The best part about capturing a candid moment is the memory associated with it. The couple seems to be enjoying themselves during a trip to Shantiniketan. Travel after all helps you bond like little else does.

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