In Pics: ZEE5 Original Bus Stop Actor Anuradha Mukherjee Is A Cool Cat. Here’s Proof!


May 1, 2020


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A Brighter Perspective


Anuradha Mukherjee, the pretty young actor who plays the female protagonist in the ZEE5 Original films Bus Stop and Daawat-E-Biryani, is a vibrant personality! She frequently shares her pictures on her social media page, often with witty and wise captions. We got some of the choicest ones for you to enjoy here. Check them out!

Anuradha looks lovely in this grainy black and white photo of herself. The quote that she has posted with it too, is worth a read. As Rumi said, “Where there’s ruin, there’s hope for a treasure.” This is a beautiful line from the great poet, and is very relevant today.

Watch the trailer of Bus Stop here:


Travel Diaries


In this throwback photograph from her travels, Anuradha looks back on her experience and relives it. She also muses, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” She truly is wise beyond her years!

A Powerful Poem


Anuradha looks gorgeous in a sari draped most gracefully on her. Her caption here is poignant poetry replete with meaning.
“Let’s promise we won’t kill a daughter,
Let’s promise we won’t rape her,
Let’s promise we won’t entertain a child marriage,
Let’s promise we won’t attack her with acid,
Let’s promise we will give her a better world to live.
After all we worship Ma Durga.”

I Am The Soul


Anuradha looks exceptionally beautiful in this traditional coral salwar kameez. Her caption is another valuable quote by Rumi. “I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within.” This is an excellent reminder to stay grounded and love oneself unconditionally.

On Courage


“Her courage was her crown and she wore it like a queen.” Anuradha says it best, alongside a photo where she exudes confidence and beauty. Isn’t that inspiring?

What The Frames Frame


This is an artistically composed photograph, and the caption she has chosen is just as fun and unique! “The frame frames a frame of mind.” Now think about that for a second– you’ll find that that is indeed the case. How cool!

Be Present


“Wherever you are, be there totally.” We have all heard about the importance of being present and mindful at every moment, and Anuradha reminds us to do just that while blessing us with a stunning photo of herself. We love her wit and presence of mind ourselves, don’t you?

Which of these photos of Anuradha Mukherjee are your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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