These Heart-Touching Lines From Ammy Virk’s Nikka Zaildar 2 Will Make You Tear Up


May 28, 2020


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1. When Nikka Confesses His Feelings For Saawan To Roop


The Punjabi film Nikka Zaildar 2 is a home-grown franchise of romantic-comedy-drama starring Ammy Virk in the titular role. Unlike its predecessor, the second instalment of the series is heavy on emotions and drama. Ammy, Sonam Bajwa and Wamiqa Gabbi’s love triangle has comedy, emotions and drama. Here we are with a list of the film’s dialogues and situations that can make anyone emotional.

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With an unexpected leap of faith, best friends Roop (Sonam) and Nikka (Ammy) get married. Before marriage, Nikka loved Saawan (Wamiqa). After a few days, Nikka reveals his true feelings for Saawan to Roop and he confesses that even after marriage, his feelings for Saawan haven’t changed. Nikka says that he agreed to marry just to save her from humiliation. Nikka asks her to meet Saawan and convince her that there is nothing between them. A surprised Roop nods and says, “Koi na main unnu key dungi. Tu meri izzat layi inna kuch kita… main tere layi inna te kar hi sakdi han.”

2. When Roop Meets Saawan


After getting convinced about Nikka and her fate, Roop meets Saawan. A curious Saawan asks her, “Nothing has happened between you guys?” A sad but brave Roop instantly puts Saawan’s palm on her head and says, “Mainu jisdi marzi sau lage… sadhe vichkar kuch nahi hoya.” Roop’s honesty will win you over and will make you teary-eyed.

3. When Roop Encourages Nikka To Get Married To Saawan


With the help of Roop, Nikka convinces his family for a second marriage. After a while, everyone accepts it but now, Nikka has started developing feelings for Roop and is a little discouraged about his marriage. When Roop offers dinner to Nikka, he asks her: “How will you manage to stay alone?” Roop interrupts him and says that she will manage. She asserts: “Wasie vi ta appe addh rehne ha… ghar badalan naal ki ho jau? Tu meri fikar na kar.”

4. When Nikka Tells Saawan The Truth


Finally, the D-Day arrives! Nikka and Saawan are getting married but Nikka is not happy about it. He manages to sneak into Saawan’s room and confesses that he can’t marry her. Saawan feels heart-broken and asks Nikka if it is because she isn’t that beautiful. Nikka says: “Jodiyan toh Rab bana ke bhejda… shayad Rab di ehi marji hai.” Saawan also puts up a brave smile and says: “Thik ha… fir tere Rab di sun ke vekh lene aa.

So these are some emotional lines and moments that will create a lump in your throat, or tears roll down your cheeks. In a rom-com, getting emotional lines and situations is tough. But if you manage to bring out seamless emotional moments with impactful lines, your job is done! Tell us your favourite moment or dialogue from the movie.

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