These 3 Best Spoofs Created By Comedy Khiladis Will Take You On A Laughter Ride

Comedy Khiladis is a platform for its contestants to entertain the audiences with their wit and humour. Scroll to watch some really hilarious acts.


May 31, 2020


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Are you are bored sitting at home all day long? Then you must check out Comedy Khiladis currently streaming on ZEE5 as it will take you on a fun ride amid Coronavirus lockdown. These comic stars have put up some hilarious acts which will surely tickle your funny bone.  Yes, their brilliant performances and hilarious acts will definitely bring relief to you. While you make up your mind and start binge watching the episodes, here’s a roundup of some of the funniest.

Watch the first episode of Comedy Khiladis here:

Check Out The 3 Best Spoofs Created By Our Comedy Khiladis:

Kabali Spoof


We have all watched the film Kabali. The film revolves around a don Kabali (Rajinikanth), who goes in search of his wife (after 25 years), and his friend Ameer (John Vijay) joins him too. But have you imagined what would it have been like if Santhanam was cast instead of John Vijay? Well, Vigneshwaran, Vignesh Antony, Nirmal and Andrea recreate the scenes from the film, and it is sure to take you on a roller-coaster ride. Don’t miss this epic act, it is currently streaming on Comedy Khiladis!

Mersal Spoof


As we know, when Mersal hit the theatres, the critics compared the film with the Kamal Haasan-starrer blockbuster film ‘Apoorva Sagodharargal’. They said Mersal is a modern-day rendition of the same. Well, these comedy stars introduce us to Mersal Sagodharargal. They recreate the scene of the twins getting separated by a villain and 25 years later; they join hands to kill him (the villain). This is something you can’t afford to miss and it is streaming only on Comedy Khiladis!

Muthu Spoof


Sridhar, Sumathi, Thidhiyan and Pavithra’s put up a hilarious act, where they recreate the cult classic Muthu. Remember Rajinikanth’s monologue during Meena’s drama performance? If you think that was funny enough, then wait for Sridhar, Sumathi, Thidhiyan and Pavithra’s entry. These wonderful comic talents share their version of the same scene in this video. We guarantee that you would laugh even harder. This spoof of Muthu on Comedy Khiladis will take you back 25 years.

About Comedy Khiladis

The show, Comedy Khiladis, is hosted by Zee Tamil’s favourite anchors, Maheshwari and Kamal, and features some of the best of comic talents from across Tamil Nadu. It is judged by Danny, Deva Darshini (renowned television and film actress), RJ Vigneshkanth (anchor and YouTuber), Myna Nandini (TV and film actress and comedian) and actor Balasaravanan. The show serves as a platform for its contestants to entertain the audiences with their wit and humour.

So, did you enjoy the brilliant performance of these Comedy Khiladis? Which one did you like the most?

Let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned!

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