The Mahasangama Episode Of Gattimela And Jothe Jotheyali This Week Will Keep You Hooked!

Here’s all that you can look forward to in the Mahasangama week of Gattimela and Jothe Jotheyali.


August 15, 2020


3 min


Well, if you’re feeling the lockdown blues, then we’ve got just what you need to entertain yourself in the upcoming week! Gattimela and Jothe Jotheyali, your two favourite shows, will be aired as part of the Mahasangama week that will commence on 17 August 2020 leading up to Ganesh Chaturthi. As we all know, Gattimela and Jothe Jotheyali are the two most viewed shows that always manage to keep us at the edge of our seat. Whether it is witnessing Amulya and Vedanth’s love story in Gattimela or Anu and Arya’s ability to face challenges before they can ever confess their love to each other, these two shows are just what keeps us going during the lockdown.

Speaking of the shows, if you have a little catching up to do before the Mahasangama, here’s what has been happening in the show. In Jothe Jotheyali, Anu and Arya sit for lunch wherein Anu pretends to have hurt her hand so that Arya can feed her. Just then, Meera comes and tells Arya that there is a certain meeting that he must attend immediately failing which they will experience a loss. Arya leaves lunch immediately and goes. As Anu feels bad, she decides not to say anything about the same. However, Meera confronts her and tells her that she should stay away from Arya as they can never be together. Indirectly, she also tells Anu that she will go to any extent to make sure that Arya spends the rest of his life with someone who knows him and understands him.

A Collage Of Aarya, Meera And Anu
Source: ZEE5

As for Gattimela, Vedanth finds a way to untie himself and go save Amulya. He fights Kishan who is surprised to see that Vedanth escaped being tied. Just as they try to escape, Kishan comes from behind and hits Amulya’s head after which she becomes unconscious. He uses this opportunity to capture Vedanth and Vikranth again. When Amulya wakes up, she sees that Vedanth and Vikranth have been tied in a way that they are almost hanging off a stool. Kishan tells Amulya that she must choose who she wants to kill. Amulya chooses to shoot Vedanth but pretends to shoot him when she actually shoots the rope.

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