The Intriguing Trailer Of Bharath’s Simba Will Keep You Glued To Your Seat

July 9, 2019


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What does a man do when loneliness grips him? There are multiple possibilities, but in the case of Mahesh, a loner, isolation makes him get into substance abuse, thereby making him a drug addict. He remains confined in his dark and gloomy house with no one to talk to and how it makes him lose control of his senses. But then, he finds an unusual friend who transforms his world. The story of Simba which will release tomorrow on ZEE5 revolves around Mahesh, who gets inclined towards taking drugs to kill loneliness.

Watch the intriguing trailer of Simba here:

In the trailer we see, one day, Mahesh’s neighbour Madhu, requests him to look after her pet dog, a Great Dane named Simba. The story takes a twist hereafter. To Mahesh, who is under the influence of drugs, Simba comes across as a person. For the first time in years, Mahesh gets friendly with someone, and his loneliness finds a solution. In the trailer, we can see Simba talking to Mahesh and having lengthy conversations with him. Simba becomes his friend, confidante and guide. How Simba helps Mahesh make Madhu fall in love with him, forms the crux of the story.

There are elements of action as well in the trailer, and it will be interesting to see how it fits in the narrative. Simba starring  Bharath (as Mahesh), Premgi Amaren (as Simba), Swathi Deekshith (as Diana) and Bhanu Sri Mehra (as Madhu) in pivotal roles, is touted as Tamil cinema’s first stoner comedy.

Simba is written and directed by Arvind Sridhar and has music composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar. The film premieres tomorrow (July 10) only on ZEE5.

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