Teaser Review: We Can’t Wait To Watch ZEE5 Original Series N.E.R.D.

Promita Mukherjee

June 28, 2019


3 min


A good thriller is difficult to make. An erotic thriller, even harder. One slip and you lose the attention of the audience for the rest of the film or series. Which is why ZEE5 Original N.E.R.D. – Neither Either Really Dead, a seven-episode series, looks promising. This psychological crime thriller, which follows the story of a techie, who is an orphan, and the six women who enter his lives, looks like a gripping tale of lust, crime, deception and more. Watch the teaser here.

Keep running and running is the motto with which the teaser opens. In the series, we will eventually see people running, in fear, away from inevitable death and more. Because ‘he is coming behind’. Who is he? Is he the one you are thinking to be the mastermind? Or are you being deceived? Hold on, maybe you guessed it right?

We see the lead character, a studious and nerdy boy, played by Hasvanth Vanga, who craves for companionship. And then the women who enter his life at places he regularly visits. We see a man Googling ways to ‘tempt a woman’ and wonder who is doing it. Several moments flash by in a tightly-packed teaser, leaving us guessing constantly what is to come next.

(Source: ZEE5)

So what is N.E.R.D.? Is it a tale of companionship? Is it about a lonely boy’s need to be loved and accepted? Or does this ZEE5 Original Series directed by Deva Ganesh one that is just about the lust of a criminally-inclined person? Why do the women who Hasvanth Vanga’s character meets keep disappearing as he gets closer to them and actually builds a relationship? Did he meet them just to satisfy his physical needs? Is N.E.R.D. the story of a perverted techie at the end of the day? Or is there something else hiding in plain sight? The teaser is gritty and leaves us wanting for more.

We need to watch till N.E.R.D. launches on July 5 on ZEE5 to find out all the answers.

For yet another gritty tale of crime, watch Kailasapuram on ZEE5.

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