Teacher’s Day Special: 10 Times Tollywood Films Taught Us Lessons About Life

Sneha Bale

September 5, 2019


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1. Accept everything gracefully: Geetha Govindam

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, we decide to take a moment and thank the one teacher who we always end up going to. But we never really make mention of. And that teacher, my friend, is the cinema. Apart from being our only companion through thick and thin, films have also taught us many lessons. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Starting the list with Vijay Deverakonda‘s romantic saga, Geetha Govindam. The film taught us to accept the good and the bad with grace and dignity. From being abused and taunted by the girl he loves to being rejected by the boy she loved, they accepted everything with a smile on their face.

Watch the film here.

2. Friends will always be there for you: Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi

Ram Pothineni‘s Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi may have two actress and two love stories. But the main focus of the film is the gang of four friends. They are thicker than others and the thought of being separated is a far fetched idea. But life does not pan as we plan. In the end, although distances had taken over, it’s the friends who come together to keep each other happy.

Watch the film here.

3. Never forget your roots: Saakshyam

Pooja Hegde and Bellamkonda Sreenivas starrer Saakshyam is a fantasy-thriller. But through the course of the film, the protagonist goes back meeting his past and his roots. It teaches us that we should not ignore or forget our roots and culture, irrespective of where we are.

Watch the film here.

4. Revenge will leave you with nothing : Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava

Jr. NTR‘s revenge-drama, Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava, itself tells us how revenge will leave us nowhere and with nothing. For the first generation, it is anger, for the second generation it’s a habit but for the third generation it’s in their blood. And it must be ended if peace has to prevail.

Watch the film here.

5. There's always good in bad: Devadas

In Nagarjuna and Nani‘s action-drama film, Devadas, the former was the yin and the latter was the yang. Simply put, this film teaches us that there is good in bad and bad in good. It all changes in how you view the world.

Watch the film here.

6. Spirits are not bad: Taxiwaala

Deep down inside everyone is ghost-fearing human being. Vijay Deverakonda‘s Taxiwaala brings the concept of horror into a new light and teaches us about Astral Projection. Well, not all ghosts are dead and not all spirits are waiting to threaten you.

Watch the film here.

7. Humour can always be a solution: Brother of Bommali

Allari Naresh and Kartika Nair starrer comedy film, Brother of Bommali, is a havoc of situation and life stories. But the two twin siblings and their gang of friends manage to find a solution for everything. They solve problems while having a good laugh. Always remember, humour may not be the only solution, but it is definitely the one you must consider.

Watch the film here.

8. Your sacrifices will pay off: Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule

In the romantic-drama, Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule, Venkatesh drops off from too many things in order to let other people climb the higher pedestal. As he has been told, he believes that he is truly a loser. But hang in there my friend, all your hard work and sacrifices will pay off just in time.

Watch the film here.

9. Fight for what you love: Ye Maya Chesave

Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni starrer Ye Maya Chesave is a romantic saga for more reasons than one. Not only did the film set new standards but also helped in nurturing a real-life long love story. Their story is the one that teaches us to fight for what we love, no matter the odds. Because if our love is true, it will win, come what may.

Watch the film here.

10. Parents will always want the best for us: Chandamama

Led by Kajal Aggarwal and Navdeep, Chandamama is an interesting film that also happens to be an emotional rollercoaster. Four youngsters become two couple. But their parents do not approve of their love story, or so they think. Finally, when the parents do find it out, it’s all done and dusted – in their best interest and in line with their happiness. Honestly, parents do know what’s best for us

Watch the film here. Let us know which film remains your favourites in the comments below.

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