Take A Moment To Appreciate The Comedians Who Make Brother Of Bommali Worth A Watch

Sneha Bale

September 16, 2019


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If you have laughed your wits and hearts out while watching Brother of Bommali, you need to take a moment and appreciate the ones who made it worth your time. The Allari Naresh and Kartika Nair-starrer is an out-an-out comedy flick that keeps you giggling through the three hours.

Actor Praveen, who is often seen in supporting characters, plays a small yet interesting character in the movie. He is the office boy and the office gossipmonger. More interestingly, he knows how to play with people and fill his pockets. You are sure to laugh every time he comes on screen.

Vennela Kishore


We do not need to talk about this man separately. Vennela Kishore is the one to bring more character to every situation and film. Brother of Bommali is no different. His character may be sleazy but his acting is on fleek.

Jaya Prakash Reddy


A veteran in the industry, Jaya Prakash Reddy can pull off being vulnerable to being hilarious with the same ease. Watching him as the visionary businessman and father to a weird son is a combination that we did not expect. But that is exactly what makes his character hilarious.

Srinivas Reddy


Srinivas Reddy is a household name. Of course, given how common the name is but also because how strongly the actor makes his presence felt. In Brother of Bommali, he is relatable and funny. We all have that friend who will speak in your best interest, say things like “I said so” and also try his best to remain in the safe space.

Abhimanyu Singh


One of the northerners who has made a mark for himself in the Telugu Film Industry is Abhimanyu Singh. Mostly seen as the antagonist, his role in Brother of Bommali is a memorable one. A man with a hunky physique and a voice that could make people shiver, shivers at the thought of his girlfriend marrying someone else. Of course, his dialogue, “Vadu nee boyfriend ayite vadu naaku boy-enemy” (If he is your boyfriend, he is my boy-enemy) beats everything else.



The obvious one! Brahmanandam is an iconic actor when it comes to comic timing. You could place him in any film or situation and he will bring the same spontaneity and comedy. Call it too monotonous or the way of a genius, his way is something that keeps you glued to the screen.

Kelly Dorji and Chammak Chandra


Last, on the list, we have Kelly Dorji and Chammak Chandra. They appear for one sequence only and probably share the least amount of screen-time. But come on, who does not enjoy a failing villain. If you haven’t seen this film yet, do not miss it. Watch the movie here.

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