Take A Moment To Applaud Kathir’s Transformation As Mathivanan In Sigai

June 17, 2019


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In Sigai streaming on ZEE5, Kathir plays Mathivanan, who belongs to the third gender. This Tamil movie has tried to establish some facts that have always been present around us but have been ignored. Although the movie touches upon the issues of sex workers, poverty and depravity it also focuses on the feelings and emotions of the transgender community.

Watch the issues that Mathivanan faces at the hand of the society in the movie Sigai.

The movie begins by giving us an overview of the lives of the sex workers and the unspoken problems that they face on a daily basis. This narrative shifts to the mystery of murder when a sex worker is found missing and the man who hired her is shown dead. Gently, without much of a drama, this flow of the story again shifts and it points to the life of Mathivanan, a transgender.

Mathivanan with his friend
A still from Sigai streaming on ZEE5.

The best part about this shift of narrative apart from the gripping storyline is the acting skills showcased by Kathir. The first instance where we see Mathivanan, he is shown as, a well built and masculine character, but as we move forward into the complex patterns of the story, what comes as a surprise is the transformation that Mathivanan undergoes when he solidifies the feminine side of the character.

In fact, in one of the scenes, he even accepts the fact that he is a woman trapped in the body of a man. And then speaks and walks like a woman, this change is not shocking, because as a character you have accepted him as a transgender the moment he says it out loud. But what becomes unimaginable is the effort that Kathir has put in to imbibe this change. Also, the last scene of the movie where we see Mathivanan dressed like a woman with long hair and make-up, this effort to explore the character is nothing less than exemplary.

Mathivanan's transformation
A still from Sigai streaming on ZEE5.

Later, in his interview to a local channel, Kathir even accepts the trouble he had to undergo to bring about this onscreen change. As he says that he had to undergo a lot of hardships during the process of applying prosthetic makeup to look like a woman.

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