Swwapnil Joshi’s Fan Showers Love On The Actor For Motivating Her During Tough Times

The Mumbai Pune Mumbai actor received a tweet from one of his fans who thanked the actor for being there and helping her get over depression.

Kedar Koli

June 16, 2020


2 min


There is a huge public outcry and discussion regarding mental health following the shocking demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput who committed suicide a couple of days ago. Many of the leading actors in the film industry including Priya Bapat, Siddharth Chandekar, Bhushan Pradhan have uploaded posts to emphasise the importance of mental health awareness. Swwapnil Joshi has also been an advocate for mental health awareness and has publicly addressed this issue on social media. The Mumbai Pune Mumbai actor recently received a tweet from one of his fans who thanked Swwapnil for motivating her during tough times. Reading this tweet has melted our hearts already and we are sure that it would melt yours too!

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Following the discussion on social media regarding mental health awareness, one of Swwapnil’s fans named Dr. Preksha wrote a letter revealing how she’s suffering from anxiety and how Sushant’s suicide has affected her. The fan further wrote that she had gone through depression at one point in time and that’s when Swwapnil came to her rescue like a superhero. The actor had encouraged her to be strong and had motivated her to keep going. Swwapnil’s fan expressed gratitude to the actor for calling her himself and being there for her when she needed it the most. This incident has increased our respect for Swwapnil who we adore so much already. We hope that he continues to inspire us all with his kindness and compassion! Way to go Swwapnil!

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