Swathi Reddy And Jai’s Vadacurry Shows The Types Of Youngsters We All Meet Often

June 6, 2019


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Vadacurry is a movie which has layers of concepts well woven into the depths of the character and script. In a manner such that with each layer we get to know the essence of the contemporary time. Thus the movie which has Jai, playing the part of Satish and Swathi Reddy playing the role of Naveena, is about the contemporary youth and the problems that they might face. So, foremost among the set of problems that Satish has is the fact that he needs a new mobile.

Watch the issues that a stolen mobile phone creates for Satish.

Speaking about the problems that young people in the current face, we see that the youth are shown to be categorised in three kinds.  And it seems that all these three kinds of youth share something in common. First is the kind of youth like Satish’s friend, Vadacurry aka Karikalan (RJ Balaji). We see him as that carefree character who wishes to spend his day whiling around his colony, trying to hit on girls. And his motto in life is simple and that is to just have fun.

Jai and RJ Balaji
A still from Vadacurry

The second criteria for youngsters are the kind of Satish, who are basically afraid about many things in life and have that constant desire to make it big. But the problem that is also shown related to these kinds of young men is that they also are afraid of crossing the lines of the moral code of conduct. Thus, under the act of desperation when he steals a mobile, he feels the guilt gnaw at him and this is what makes him try and return the mobile, thereby causing much of the conflicts in the movie.

And the third category is the kind which is the most problematic. As they are like Ravishankar (Sai Prashanth), who just want to make money by hook or crook and this makes them the most dangerous type too. As in the movie we see that for him money is the priority and life of others mean nothing to him when it comes to the thought of making money.

So, the makers have created a distinct category of youths in the movie, each with its own whims. Which criteria do you think you belong? Share your thoughts in the section given below.

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