Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji 26 November 2019 Written Update: Chikka Devaraja To Face Raje?

Manjiri Shete

November 26, 2019


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In the recent episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, Kanhoji Rao and Ganoji Dadasaheb are irritated after Sambhaji cancels their meeting and goes to attend the other important matters. They come back to their chambers and Kanhoji Rao starts venting about Raje. His nephew, Ganoji Dadasaheb tries to explain Sambhaji’s side, however, Kanhoji Rao is too angry. He doesn’t like it when Ganoji Dadasaheb tells he wants to give up the claim to their lands. Hearing this, Kanhoji Rao says that they should let Ganoji Dadasaheb’s wife and his son stay at Raigad. Looking at the infant, Sambhaji will be emotionally arm-twisted to fulfill Ganoji Dadasaheb’s wishes.

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Yesubai, Battashi Bai and Ganoji Dadasaheb’s wife are discussing the trouble Kanhoji Rao has caused. The ladies think these men should be supporting Raje instead of being greedy. Yesubai feels bad for her husband who isn’t given enough credit for all the compromises which he makes to keep the people of Swarajya safe. Meanwhile, Aurangzeb is irritated that the weather in the Deccan region has become worse. He realises that in this calamities they can’t capture Swarajya. During this, he gets a letter from Shabdik Khan. The latter hasn’t made any progress in capturing Ramshej fort. Aurangzeb tells his Vazir that his people are just greedy, while Sambhaji’s men can even give life for Raje.

In the south, Chikka Devaraja is boasting his victory over Sambhaji’s forces. He comes to know that Sambhaji has left Raigad to face him and becomes overconfident. He plans to kill Sambhaji who he thinks has taken a stupid decision of leaving Raigad. Meanwhile, Raje and his forces prepare to win against Chikka Devaraja.

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