Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji 11 December 2019 Written Update: Will Sambhaji Get Trapped?


December 11, 2019


3 min

In tonight’s episode of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, we see a fraction of the Marathas getting ready for their King’s secret mission. In his court, Sambhaji is in the midst of a serious discussion with his ministers. Everyone agrees with him on the betrayal displayed by the Portuguese Viceroy.  As this heated discussion continues, Bhairji Kaka walks in to inform Raje about all those Maratha warriors, who have already reached Goa in disguise and are awaiting Raje’s instructions. Upon hearing this news, Sambhaji directs Kaviraj to write a warning message to the Viceroy asking him for a justification for his behaviour. 

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Yesaji Gambhirrao is tasked with delivering Sambhaji’s message to the Viceroy. In a rebellious move, the Viceroy disposes of the scroll without even reading it. When asked the reason for this, he tells everyone in the room that the Portuguese are the true emperors of the sea and they answer to no one, especially Sambhaji. This is an indication towards the fact that the Portuguese Viceroy has decided to break all ties with the Maratha Empire and wishes to carve out a kingdom of their own in Maharashtra. 

Kaviraj and others discuss whether everything is in place for the secret mission. They talk about how they need to keep their guard up and tell everyone that Raje’s religious visit to Saptakoteshwar temple is, in reality, a plan for an attack on the Portuguese.  As these conversations are going on, Bhairji Kaka walks towards them, and, while doing so, he notices a suspicious individual walk past him. He wonders who this person could be and enquires about the same to Kaviraj. To this, Kaviraj tells Bhairji Kaka that he has not seen anyone. 

We soon see this same suspicious individual in Aurangzeb’s court.  There he divulges the important information that Sambhaji is going to Goa. This confirms Aurangzeb’s suspicions and he starts making plans to arrest Sambhaji with the help of the Viceroy in Goa. He asks his Wazir to write a letter to the Viceroy to inform him about Sambhaji’s plan.  

What do you think the Viceroy will do once he receives the letter? What will Aurangzeb’s next step be? Will Sambhaji be able to save himself from the danger that is approaching him in Goa? To know all of this and more, stay tuned! 

Entertainment for your royal taste continues! Catch all the latest episodes of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji exclusively on ZEE5.  

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