Suyash Tilak’s Guide To Basic Photography That Every Amateur Photographer Should Know

Manjiri Shete

April 25, 2019


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Make your camera your BFF


When I saw Suyash Tilak’s photography skills, it pushed me to take the camera up myself. Till now, you have seen him in the Marathi TV show, Baapmanus reprising the character of Surya on Zee5. If you, too, are one of those people who love to shoot anything and everything with their DSLR, here are some tips you should know before you kickstart with your passion.

Since you are going to operate on this equipment, you must know it inside out. Like supporting the lens with your left hand and holding the camera from the right while keeping your index finger om the shutter. Learn about your memory card and the connectives.

Manual vs Automatic


It is important that you fully understand manual and automatic modes. While clicking in the manual mode, you must oversee the lighting. Automatic is easier, as the camera does all the talking. Make yourself comfortable with both the modes by shooting on it.

Focus on your objects


By understanding your focus, you can make your photos clear or give a bokeh effect. When you see from the viewfinder, the points will help you focus on the objects. In manual mode, you must rotate your lens to attain the right focus.


Use grid lines


The grid lines will help you attain more symmetry to your picture. Firstly, you need to have your mindset if your frame is going to be a portrait or landscape. When you focus on an object, make sure it is the last columns.


Learn to play with lighting and know where to use flash


In the dark, we tend to depend on flash. But, on the contrary, our DSLRs are adapted to click pictures in low light. Sometimes using flash can overexpose your pictures. Likewise, look for the right light balance. If you are shooting in low light, increase your exposure. You can create shadows and give more profundity when you learn to play with light.

After reading these tips, go on making your own rainbow with the pictures. Because photography is art. So, will you please colour it happy?

If you are a fan of Suyash Tilak, watch his latest offering Ek Ghar Mantarlela streaming on ZEE5.

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