Sumaira Shaikh: If I Meet Guys For Marriage, The Fact That I Do Comedy Will Be A Problem

Kenneth Carneiro

June 14, 2019


2 min


Hamari Bahu Silk is the newest addition to the list of popular shows on ZEE TV. This TV show focuses on the unocventional career choice of Chahat Pandey’s character, Paakhi. She works as a voiceover artist for B-grade films. The show focuses on the double standards around women who choose careers that don’t always fit society’s description of an ideal woman.

Watch the latest episode of Hamari Bahu Silk here.

Sumaira Shaikh is one of the 8 funny performers on the line-up for Comedy Shots, ZEE5’s debut stand-up comedy show. Much like Paakhi’s character in the show, stand-up comedy was an unconventional career choice for her to make. She spoke to us about her decision to choose stand-up comedy and how people reacted to it.

“People didn’t know what I was doing because, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge is the only comedy they knew. Even that didn’t have any women apart from Bharti. So they didn’t have any context to what I was doing. When the clips started coming out people were skeptical. My grandmother asked what I was doing, shouldn’t I be married or something?”

“I’m not expected to have a career honestly, I’m expected to have a family and settle down which I’m not interested in. But I’m sure if I go to meet guys for marriage, the fact that I do comedy will be a problem.”¬†Watch out for her episode on Comedy Shots soon releasing on ZEE5.

Watch the opening episodes of ZEETV’s unconventional show Hamari Bahu Silk, available on ZEE5.

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