Subbalakshmi’s Love For Her Real-Life And Reel-Life Family Gives Us Positive Vibes

Parinika Uchil

January 19, 2020

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1. Life with the real-life husband looks right on track

Source: Instagram

Zee Kannada’s Subbalakshmi Samsara is a prominent TV serial based on the difficulties a woman faces when her husband commits adultery. Your favourite Subbi, aka Deepa Bhaskar, who plays the lead on the show is a darling off-screen as well. If you didn’t know already, her real-life family fondly calls her Deepu.

2. Sharing a sweet treat with her on-set family

Source: Instagram

Apart from smoothly keeping her personal and professional life balanced, Subbi takes time to ensure that she spreads positivity everywhere. Take this picture, for example, the girl-gang of the show Subbalakshmi Samsara cherish the moment with some sweets. Tempted?

3. Giving time to her extended family

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Deepa Bhaskar prefers a homely life and tries her best to give quality time to her family when she not shooting, of course. Wishing her best to the newly-wedded bride and groom, Subbi takes a quick selfie with them.

4. Happily posing for a photo with her in-laws and hubby dearest in Macau

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A family brings together a bunch of different personalities. Watching these four having the time of their life in Macau, will delight you.

5. When it is party time with her real-life family

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There is an old saying, ‘A family that prays together, stays together. The best example of this phrase is the photo above. Look at all the happy faces in Deepa’s family. #Familygoals

6. The happiest day of her life, period!

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A touchwood moment for all of Deepa’s fans is the best day of her life, her D-day! Namma Subbi and her real-husband look so happy on their wedding day!

7. Her cousins bring more power to her

Source: Instagram

Cousins are the next best beings after your siblings. They are the treasurers to all your childhood memories, special secrets and much more. I had a nostalgic moment thinking about my cousins after seeing Deepa with her’s. Did you?

8. Together they grow stronger!

Source: Instagram

Namma Subbi’s onscreen family loves her more than words can say. The biggest proof is this selfie of Gurumurthy, Shanaya and Subbalakshmi. Here’s hoping all you guys out there have great families to get you through life, just like Deepa.

Which photo did you like best? Would you like to see any other actor’s best memories? Keep your comments flowing in the space below.

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