Stealing in Real Estate: Most Controversial, and Yet, Impossible to Ignore

Adept Real Estate professional and author Raphael Orozco Jr. is meticulously innovatingthe right combinationof traditional real estate marketing methods with modern, Amazon-modeled, dynamic data intelligence that allows for anaggressive home marketing approach to fulfilling proud home-seller’s needs.

September 30, 2020


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Newsecrets to gaining a massive advantage over your competition when selling your home.

Adept Real Estate professional and author Raphael Orozco Jr. is meticulously innovatingthe right combinationof traditional real estate marketing methods with modern, Amazon-modeled, dynamic data intelligence that allows for anaggressive home marketing approach to fulfilling proud home-seller’s needs. In his book Home Selling Secrets, Raphael reveals some of the most eye-opening strategies home-sellers can implement to successfully sell their homeswithout spending a fortune. Simple strategies that are easily ignored by listing agents, especially home-sellers. 

The housing market is a profitable sector in any given society. And people normally sell their homes due to various reasons. But it’s quite apparent that anyone who is selling his or her property expects to get a profitable return. The most conventional route for selling a home has usually relied heavily on the expertise of alocal neighborhood specialist; regardless of his or her true marketing ability. Nevertheless, the narrative seems to have changed. 

As the Principal of a home marketing agency ( Raphael Orozco Jr understands home-buyer psychology as well as which modern marketing tools are having the most success reaching buyers. Raphael’s book contains valuable information every future home seller should learn prior to recklessly putting their home on the market. Because the repercussions of not making the sale on your home serious could prove damaging. 

Those who follow the real estate market closely can foresee, yet, another real estate market crash in the near future. Especially considering the ramifications of a pandemic. A long-expected market correction may bring just what homebuyers have been patiently waiting for. An increase in inventory, and more notably, short sales. Finally, the tables might turn, and homebuyers will no longer be fighting over homes. 

Home-sellers, however, will lose leverage and likely end up competing to attract home-buyers more than they are used to. But is stealing homebuyers an option?

In an online ruled industry like Real Estate, stealing homebuyer traffic from your competition may be the only option to remain in control as much as possible. ETHICALLY stealing, of course. The art of luring online homebuyer traffic to your home and stealing homebuyer eyes and interest is a powerful weapon. One of the many weapons found in the book Home Selling Secrets. 

The book blatantly uncovers little known tactics used in the industry, making it possibly the most controversial real estate book for the general public ever written. However, one lovable feature about his book is its simplicity; anyone who reads it can easily assimilate the vital selling strategies.

Once you have a better understanding of the plethora of options available to you for marketing your home, you will know what to look for when hiring the right listing agent and as well as his or her marketing talents so you can sell your home in the least amount of time and for the most amount of money, without spending a fortune. And most importantly, without sacrificing your equity. 

It would be virtually impossible to publicly uncover all actual secrets found in the book Home Selling Secrets without releasing the entire manuscript. However, here are some key highlights found in the book which are also the most common factors home-sellers and even listing agents overlook when placing a home on the market:

Home Staging

Home staging has become a popular way of giving a property personality before selling. It helps to market the house by showing its potential to the person or a family that’d live there. Empty houses can be a little tricky to sell since all there is are empty spaces and rooms. Studies indicate that approximately 98% of home buyers can’t visualize the potential of a room when it’s empty. Staging various furniture and spicing up the rooms can transform the whole house to make it cozy and welcoming. Ultimately, it’ll increase the chances of that property to be bought by potential buyers. This trick can be really helpful especially in properties that are hard to sell, such as those containing outdated architectural artwork. 

Still, you have to exercise caution when using this method as you have to be objective. The pieces of furniture and styling you implement has to be as neutral as possible to appeal to the majority of people who’ll view the property. You should also ensure you have the right amount of furniture to avoid cluttering the place. Always keep in mind that your main goal is to sell and not decorating the house. 

Real Estate Videos

Another strategy that has proven to be extremely helpful in the property industry are videos that give a tour of a property on sale. Videos help to evoke certain emotions in a buyer when he or she watches the video. Properties that have videos tend to get more inquiries than the ones that lack. When it comes to the composition of the shots, incorporating drone shots will ultimately improve the video. Drone shots are by far the best when giving the aerial perspective of the property and the entire area. 

Properties that have videos are more likely to be sold due to the number of views they get. Furthermore, factors such as the COVID 19 pandemic has also altered how a lot of things are done. Measures like stay-at-home restricted home buyers from doing house hunting. Ergo, property videos were really helpful in providing home buyers with virtual tours. Property videos have become an integral part of home selling and are likely to stay. 

Pricing Your Property

Pricing is a very crucial part of selling in real estate; putting the selling prices high above the market can make you loose on potential buyers. As this happens, your property would also be staying on the market longer. Ultimately, your house might end up selling very low as a result of sitting on the market for extended periods. Something which makes sellers overprice their house is the attachment they have with their home. When it comes to selling one’s personal home, it’s always good to learn how to detach yourself and come up with an honest and impartial figure. The proper way of getting the pricing of your house correctly is by doing thorough carefulmarket research. This will give you a more accurate finding of the type of houses in your area and their respective selling prices. 

Harnessing Social Media

Lastly, harnessing the power of technology is simply a must especially in the age we live in. Studies have shown that the average person spends about two and a half hours on their phones. Social media is a very good platform to market your property; when used correctly, it can enable a person to sell their property within a short time. 

Author Raphael Orozco’s book truly carries a lot of insight regarding the new way of home selling. The four points outlined above highlights just some of the key features found in the book. Implementing them in tandem will unquestionably help you sell your home without sacrificing a fortune in equity.

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