Sriti Jha, Anjum Fakih, Kanika Mann & Vin Rana Reveal Their New Year Resolutions For 2020

Aayushi Sharma

January 12, 2019


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2019 is almost over! 2020 is already knocking at your doorstep. Undoubtedly, it’s that time of the year again! It’s time to make resolutions for the new year and reflect on the months that flew by you. We asked stars of Zee TV shows Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya and Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega to tell us what are they resolving to do in the coming year. Well, fitness and travel dominated the answers we received from the actors of leading television serials. Scroll further to know what Sriti Jha, Anjum Fakih, Vin Rana and others plan to do in 2020.

1. Sriti Jha: Travel a lot.

2. Kanika Mann: I never make resolutions. I haven’t planned a day in my life. I go with the flow. I just hope the year goes by happily. But yes, I do take a resolution every day, which is to be happy. Watch Kanika Mann in the latest episodes of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega here:

3. Anjum Fakih: My resolution for new year is to eat less and to work out more. Ever since I started acting, I have become healthier, so I want to start working out.

4. Dalljiet Kaur: I haven’t made any resolutions. I only wish for me and the people close to me to be safe and happy. Also, the characters that I play should be safe and not die in the first episode or get burnt alive.

5. Vin Rana: I want to learn more. I want to keep learning and stay away from all the negativity and go ahead in my life without stopping.

6. Ruhi Chaturvedi: Well my new year resolution will be to learn Hindi better. Because my Hindi used to be very Bambaiya, and my director and AD’s used to get so mad at me. Prithvi speaks proper Hindi, so I will have to up my game too.

7. Ruchi Savarn: I never make resolutions because it always pixelates..

8. Twinkle Vasisht: Get fitter! And better. That’s all.

What are your resolutions for 2020? Share with us in the comments box below. Don’t forget to tag your friends and ask them too.

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