Spotify Starts Offering Video Podcasts To Premium And Free Users

Only a select few podcasts can be viewed in video form for now.

Sohil Nikam

July 22, 2020

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Spotify has taken the next big leap in the music streaming market of the world by offering video podcasts to its users. Both, subscribers of its Premium service as well as those who use the ad-supported free version can now take advantage of the video podcasts. However, only a select few video podcasts are available for the time being. Moreover, video podcasts can’t be downloaded by Premium users, as only the audio will get saved on your device.

The new feature is supported in every Spotify market, including India, that has the podcasts feature in the music streaming service. The way you watch video podcasts is pretty simple. Once you hit play in the Spotify mobile or desktop apps, the video will start automatically and sync with your audio. In case you switch to another app or just lock your screen, the podcast will seamlessly switch to the audio version, helping you save data and battery life.

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