Soodhu Kaavum: A Social Commentary Or Dark Comedy?

September 10, 2019


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Soodhu Kaavum available on ZEE5 is termed as a dark comedy, as it has the elements of comedy that drive the plot structures and different events in the movie while also focusing on social and economic issues. But if you were to look closely, the part of being a social commentary is what dominates the movie.

Watch the struggle between the good and the bad in the movie Soodhum Kaavum.

The story of the movie is such that it creates two distinct groups of individuals. One part of individuals consisting of the likes Das, Kesavan, Sekar, and Pagalavan and the other of people like Gnanodayam and K Bramma. While the former group of people are young but lazy, the latter consists of people who are focused and have a set of rules by which they lead life.

Kesavan, Sekar, and Pagalavan
A still from Soodhu Kaavum

The problem that is crucial to both these groups is the fact that they cannot think outside their comfort zone. Thus, Das is a kidnapper in the beginning and stays a kidnapper even after the different incidents that affect his life. At the same time, Kesavan and Sekar shift their focus to politics but then even at the start of the movie they show an affinity towards changing their interests and likes.

M S Bhaskar as Gnanodayam
A still from Soodhu Kaavum

For that matter, even Pagalavan becomes an actor, but in a B-grade movie, as at the start of the story, he is shown as a movie enthusiast. The film further comments on the lack of interest of these characters and the way they try to forget the reality with the help of their addictions and vices.

So, what is your opinion about the use of dark humour in the movie? Do let us know about your thoughts in the section given below.

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