#SlapDay: 8 Most Shocking Slaps On TV And ZEE5 Originals That Left More Than A Mark

Kenneth Carneiro

February 14, 2020


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1. Sarla Slaps Karan

Now that we are getting over the hangover of Valentine’s Day, it’s time for another meaningless tradition. It’s World Slap Day on 15 February 2020, and that is something that needs no introduction on our TV shows. Most recently, Prachi slapped Maya for trying to commit suicide by jumping in front of a truck in Kumkum Bhagya. But there was another more high-profile slap this week.

On Kundali Bhagya, Karan promised to get Preeta out of jail. Sarla believes Karan and doesn’t hire a lawyer for Preeta. But when Preeta’s case is being heard in court, Karan is seen nowhere in court. He returns with Mahira after Preeta is declared guilty and about to be sent to jail. Sarla gets angry seeing Karan and slaps him for betraying her trust.

2. Abhi Slaps Rhea

Abhi finds out that Rhea is the one trying to ruin Prachi’s life. He gets angry seeing the CCTV footage and calls Rhea. When she still refuses to accept the truth, Abhi gets angry and slaps her in front of everyone at home. Rhea takes this personally and instead of changing, she goes further against Prachi.

3. Pragya Slaps Rhea

Rhea tries to fake her own death and put the blame on Prachi. Pragya finds out that Rhea is lying and finds her alive and well at the college camp. She slaps Rhea for trying to put Prachi in trouble. This time Rhea is not upset instead she feels Pragya slapped her because she cares for her. Rhea tries to be friends with Prachi after this but she is unable to do so.

4. Akshat Slaps Antara

Guddan and AJ try their best to prove Antara guilty. In one instance, Antara plans to make Guddan have a wardrobe malfunction. AJ notices this and saves Guddan with a shawl. He then slaps Antara for stopping at nothing to humiliate Guddan. However, it is revealed that AJ only imagined himself slapping Antara while he takes care of Guddan.

5. Shantanu Slaps Ridoy

Shantanu promises to get his true love, Asmita, married to Ridoy. Asmita gets angry and refuses to marry Ridoy. Ridoy threatens to kill himself if he doesn’t get married to Asmita. Shantanu gets angry hearing this and he slaps Ridoy. He promises that Asmita will get married to him.

6. Pragya Slaps Abhi

Pragya and Abhi have had the most romantic moments on Zee TV but they have also hadd some really intense fights. In this episode, a pregnant Pragya is upset that Abhi refuses to use police help or pay the kidnappers to get back Kiara. She slaps him to make him realise his mistake and catch the kidnappers the right way.

7. Rakhi Slaps Karan

Rakhi loves her two sons Karan and Rishabh on Kundali Bhagya. However, she doesn’t hesitate to be strict with them when they get out of line. Karan announces that he wants to marry Mahira because he loves her. Rakhi slaps Karan and says that he should ask them first. She slaps him again and says she will not let him get married to Mahira because she is not a good person.

Tanie Slaps Sumer In Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Tanie and Sumer are best friends through college. Tanie makes Sumer promise her that he will never do drugs because her brother died because of a drug addiction. Sumer breaks his promise during a fight with Tanie and ends up getting addicted to cocaine. Tanie slaps him and breaks their friendship when she finds out.

How do you plan to celebrate slap day? Let us know in the comments below. Watch more of Sumer and Tanie’s friendship in ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend‘ on ZEE5.

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