Sindhu Review: An Engaging Tale Of A Progressive Woman Who Defeats Societal Evils

Kedar Koli

July 1, 2020


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How often do we see a show that sets apart from the typical saas-bahu drama seen on TV? Well, not very often! But the saga of Sindhu does just that. It is amongst the top-rated shows that is currently on streaming on ZEE5. As you would expect, Sindhu does a fine job in engaging the audiences with the tale of a progressive woman who strives to break free from the social evils that were prevalent in the 19th century which the show is set in.

Before you scroll through, watch an episode of Sindhu here.

Unlike many existing shows, Sindhu is a class apart as it depicts the story of an extraordinary girl child of the same name. The plot unfolds through Sindhu’s perspective as we get a glimpse of the prodigy’s journey from the important stages of her life, right from her innocent childhood to her untimely marriage. We also cannot help but be in awe of the child who acts as the torchbearer of progress. The character seems to be way ahead of its time for questioning the regressive ideas put forth by society. Sindhu also dreams of empowering herself through education and strives to attain it relentlessly even after her child marriage. Will she succeed in following her passion? You’ll have to watch the show to find out!

A Still From Sindhu
Source: Zee5

Along with the powerful portrayal of Sindhu, this beautiful period drama touches the right chord for its accurate depiction of life during the pre-Independence era. Since the show is set against the backdrop of the 19th century, it has tried to shed light on the rigid social practices that were quite common in those days. The makers have also kept it as authentic as possible by paying minute attention to details such as the costumes, ornaments, and the sets. Trust us, when we say it, the show is a treat for the sore eyes!

A Still From Sindhu
Source: ZEE5

The lead role of Sindhu is being played by the child artist Aditi Jaltare who has done a commendable job in portraying such a bold character on screen. Following the success of this show, she is being helmed as the most lovable child actor. Apart from Aditi, Shrihari Abhyankar, Ved Ambre, Saurabh Sutar, Vanshika Inamdar, Gauri Kiran, Pooja Mithbaonkar, Shashwati Pimpalikar, and Prasad Dabke play other equally important roles in the show. However, it’s the grey characters like Lele Guruji, Bhamini, and Godavari who add intrigue to the narrative. The show has been conceptualised by Shrirang Godbole who also needs to be credited for creating such a fascinating story. All in all, the show is a must-watch for the visual treat that it offers along with shedding light on the contemporary norms.

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