Simba Review: The Unusual Bond Between Bharath And Premgi Amaren Will Melt Your Heart

July 11, 2019


3 min

Have you heard the saying – ‘A Dog is a Man’s best friend’? Simba testifies the statement and proves why a man finds refuge in a dog during loneliness. Simba, a film written and directed by Arvind Sridhar and starring Bharath (as Mahesh), Premgi Amaren (as Simba) and Bhanu Sri Mehra (as Madhu), is a perfect treat for all the dog lovers across the globe. The entire movie revolves around Simba and showcases his real character. No wonder why dogs are faithful!

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The filmmaker highlights the significance of a friend in one’s life. And who better than a dog make a faithful friend? Simba, touted as Tamil Nadu’s first stoner comedy shows the difference between a man and the mute animal that understands nothing but the language of unconditional love.

Mahesh, the protagonist takes to drugs to battle loneliness. He remains confined in his dark and dingy bungalow which has things scattered all around. It’s messy, unclean and preposterously unhygienic. He somehow manages to do his job when he is in office, but at other times, he is in his world of delusion. With Simba’s arrival, his life changes track, and he experiences the beauty of life. And with Simba, Madhu, his master enters Mahesh’s life. 

To know what role Simba plays in bringing Mahesh closer to Madhu, you will have to witness the beauty of their relationship by watching the movie. The scenes between Mahesh and Simba are adorable, and the dialogues will tickle your funny bone. The use of graphics by the filmmaker enhances the emotions exhibited through the scenes, and these add a new dimension to the experience of watching a movie.

Overall, the setup, the cinematography, the performances are commendable. Premgi Amaren’s performance will melt your heart while Bharath delivers a fabulous act as a drug-addict. In a nutshell, Simba is a great movie, and you will love it if you have a heart that beats for animals, especially dogs.

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