#PavitraRishta Fund: Signs Of Depression Are Subtle – When To Reach Out And How?

Fans are still getting over the shock of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. His death has made people more conscious about helping people with depression.

Ankita Tiwari

July 27, 2020


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The sad demise of Sushant Singh Rajput shook the entire foundation of Bollywood. The nation’s favorite star and the chocolate boy of Zee passed away in an unfortunate incident. Sushant’s condition screamed that he needed help and that his mental balance deteriorated in a flurry. His last two phone calls to his best friend since the Pavitra Rishta days, Mahesh Shetty and his girlfriend actress Rhea Chakraborty, both went unattended. While the masses blame it on nepotism, Sushant’s closest friends and family, and a plethora of other reasons.

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This is one lesson that needs to be learned and immediately, that is, to take care of the mental well-being. This is why Zee and Ekta Kapoor, have come up with the Pavitra Rishta fund. This is in honour of the late actor and others like him who are suffering and need help. Zee is working with NGOs and the finances will be directed towards the cause.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Signs of Depression are subtle and are often disregarded as a melodramatic wave of the person. When Sushant was showing the world that he felt lonely and his social media posts screamed about the same, no one jumped in to save him. When you see a family member acting unusual and suddenly disappearing from the face of the earth, it is a red alert. And you must take swift action. Call them, try to spend some amount of time with them. This is of utter importance and can save them.

These are a few sure shot signs of depression that one must consider:

1. Anxiety: If you have had clammy hands and the constant fear of what is going to happen, this could be anxiety. Anxiety and panic attacks flash a person by making them sweat hard, breathe harder, or just by making them lose their thoughts. Anxiety also affects people and makes them dread the thought of doing anything. This could also be anxiety disorder but sometimes it is the very first signs of depression.

2. Sleeplessness: The person who is depressed is bound to lose sleep. They might also receive sleeping pills as medication to make them sleep. The sleeplessness happens because of the overthinking. Most of the signs of depression are interlinked. Insomnia leads to an imbalance of chemicals like dopamine which further leads to mental instabilities like paranoia and schizophrenia.

3. Overthinking: The overthinking of the mind leads to hundreds of thoughts flowing in. This also leads to negative thoughts about people leaving and isolation. It can also be constant badgering about failures and not making it up to the mark of expectations.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

4. Losing the will to live: The depressed person just gives away all their dreams, aspirations, and ambitions. They lose the will to live and with it goes their happiness and joy.

5. Loss of Appetite, Weightloss: This is an immediate result of overthinking and anxiety. Food habits change due to insomnia. These also lead to a poor diet and malnutrition.

6. Drifting away: The isolation occurs due to the self-loathing that the depressed person goes through. They also feel like they do not have anyone that they can turn to and this leads to lonliness which is an immediate step to suicide.

7. Thinking about death: This is the most dangerous symptom of depression. The thoughts of death and ending the plight that is life is one of the foreboding thought that clouds the minds of depressed people.

When someone reaches out to you. It could be a colleague at the office with whom you don’t interact much or someone on the local transport services, reach out and listen. Listening can work wonders as the person will then feel light and a sense of belonging which is really the need of the hour. It is not that only the introverts find themselves in the hassle of depression. It could be the extroverted class topper who feels he has not exceeded his own expectations or the fashionista who wants people to know her for her!

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Don’t ignore the plea! What if Mahesh or Rhea had taken the call and talked to Sushant? Would that have helped him? While it is circumstantial and out of anyone’s hands, it is still important to listen closely to the plea of help and be there for them. As a tribute to the late actor Zee’s initiative, the Pavitra Rishta Fund is a noble deed and a start to the changes as #HarRishtaKhaas.

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