Siddharth Bodke Or Yashoman Apte – Who Wore The Kurta Better? Vote Now!

Manjiri Shete

October 13, 2019


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Can you honestly swear that you haven’t, at least once, secretly admired Rajveer’s wardrobe in Tu Ashi Jawali Raha? The actor Siddharth Bodke, who essays this character, is always in vogue when it comes to putting his best foot forward. In the onscreen journey, we have seen Siddharth’s character wearing everything from neatly tailored suits to good-looking Indian wear. So, we weren’t surprised when Phulpakhru’s lead Yashoman Apte decided to take inspiration from Rajveer for his festival wardrobe. Curious? Have a look!

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

Rajveer’s dominating attitude and possessive nature must have upset his fans, but he redeems himself in front of his audience by constantly dishing out some excellent fashion inspiration! His watchers often seemed pleased with his confident way of carrying his outfits. Adding to his long list of fans, now we have Phulpakhru’s golden boy Yashoman who essays Manas’ character. Recently, on Instagram Yashoman posted a picture of himself looking handsome in a readymade dhoti and a side-buttoned black kurta.

Yashoman Apte from Phulapkhru
Yashoman Apte from Phulapkhru.

Seeing him in this attire reminds us of Rajveer’s famous dhotis and kurtas which he was often spotted wearing in Tu Ashi Jawali Raha. Like, in the picture below, Rajveer has worn a similar kurta like Yashoman’s along with exactly the same style of dhoti.

Siddharth Boke from Tu Ashi Jawali Raha
Siddharth Boke from Tu Ashi Jawali Raha.

Seeing the striking similarities in fashion, we can’t help but mentally compare these leading men. Although we think they both look equally nice, we would love to know your opinion.

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