Shubhangi Atre On #5SaalBemisaal Of BGPH: I Feel The Show Was Made For Me Only!

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May 19, 2020


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Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the &TV channel as well as its most famous comedy show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain!, its cast and crew celebrated by cutting a cake on the sets at Sanya Film Studio, Naigaon, Mumbai. The show features Aasif Sheikh, Saumya Tandon, Rohitashv Gour, and Shubhangi Atre Poorey in lead roles. Revolving around two neighbouring couples: Angoori/Manmohan and Anita/Vibhuti, who live in Modern Colony, Kanpur (U.P.), the story highlights the naughty-flirty relationship of the men with their neighbours’ wives (bhabijis)! Shubhangi Atre Poorey, who plays Angoori bhabi, was elated about the #5SaalBemisaal success and spilt some beans in an exclusive interview:

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1. You joined from episode 300 and have completed over 1300 episodes now! How has your journey been on the show?

It’s been amazing! I feel this show was made for me only! In fact, to tell you a secret, I’d given the very first audition for Angoori’s role. Later, when Shilpa ji left the show, with due respect, I had a strong gut feeling that I’m surely doing the show now!

2. How often do you say “Sahi Pakde Hai” in real life? Do you relate to your character?

Yes, I blurt it out very often! Even when I’m street shopping and bargaining (which I love doing), I repeat the phrase to the dukaanwale bhaiya when he decreases the quoted price (laughs)!

3. What is one trait about Angoori that you love the most and try to imbibe?

I love the innocence and simplicity that Angoori carries within her soul! And I feel that if we try to retain that always, it’s the greatest success in life! I try to imbibe her quality of being pure and honest!

4. As Shubhangi, how different are you from you Angoori bhabi?

Though I love her, she’s dumb! And I personally try to get into logic and understand matters. Angoori blindly follows her husband Tiwari ji, which I don’t do, and my husband actually wants me to!

5. What are your top 3 memories or moments out of the show’s experience?

The first day on set, I was nervous and everyone’s eyes were on me! When I gave my first shot, the camera lens broke! I got so scared but the crew told me that it’s good luck and everyone started clapping!
Secondly, well, Angoori doesn’t speak Urdu and she even pronounces it as “Ardu”. But when a tawaif‘s (Gulaab Jaan’s) spirit enters her, she blabbers rapidly in Urdu and Vibhuti runs away from her for the first time!
And the third would be when I was honoured with the Dadasaheb Phalke award for my character!

6. How would you describe your co-stars or characters in one word?

Aasif ji (Vibhuti) is a true buddy. Rohitashv ji (Tiwari), also a true buddy! Saumya (Anita bhabi) is a beauty! Saanand (Saxena) is my favourite character on the show! Yogesh (Happu Singh) is sabse bade chirand-e-azam (utterly useless fellow)! The Teeka/Malkhan/Tillu trio is fun, masti, and dhamaal! Our director Shashank Bali is a genius, magician and the best in TV! The writer Manoj Santoshi is very romantic!

7. ZEE5 is launching a campaign ‘Main Mera Dekh Loongi’ on International Women’s Day, meaning today’s modern woman is independent and can figure her own way out! Please tell us about such instances in your life?

I started my acting career after marriage and a baby! I live the dialogue “Mein Mera Dekh Lungi” every day! Not that I don’t need my support system of family and friends, but I do believe in independent thinking and decision-making! So, to all the women, I’d say that everything is possible and they should not sacrifice their dreams for anyone. When a woman and a mother is focused and ambitious, it influences the child very positively!

8. Lastly, what would you say to your fans and viewers who’ve been watching the show for five long years?

A big thank you to everyone! Lots of love from my side to them for showering their love on our show and the characters! Wherever we go, they appreciate us immensely. And we’ve met people like Asha Bhonsle ji, Pandit Jasraj ji, Digvijay Singh, Amit Shah and more through the show. We feel very proud that the show is a game-changer!

To catch more of Angoori Bhabi‘s comedy and fun, watch all the episodes of the &TV show Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain! streaming on ZEE5!

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