Shravan Queen 2019: Watch Contestants Speak Candidly And Play Rapid-Fire, Video Inside

Manjiri Shete

September 15, 2019


2 min

There goes a saying, ‘Crowns aren’t made of rhinestones, they are made discipline, determination and a hard to find alloy called courage’. The beauty pageant Shravan Queen organised by Maharashtra Times exactly defines this and more. In 2019, too, we are eagerly waiting to see young girls put their best foot forward and dazzle in their chic gowns on the stage of Shravan Queen. But, before that moment arrives, we need to get to know these contestants. So, what better way to do that than having a candid chat with them?¬†Stay tuned.

Watch the video below:

Looking at these ladies, we realised that there is pretty much nothing more dreamy than strutting down the ramp while exuding confidence and pulling everyone’s attention towards you. In the up close and personal glimpse, the contestants opened up about the highs and the lows of their life while revealing their ambition and dreams. Through our screen, we rejoiced to see the witty commentary and understood the contestants’ back story. After reading this, want to know what more happened? We have the video lined up for you.

You could always count on Shravan Queen to showcase a talented bunch of women who will leave their mark in the prestigious platform. This year, too, the contest left no stoned unturned as we saw girls from various fields come together on this platform. Groomed exactly for this moment, the beauty queens confidently spoke their opinions as the host quizzed in a rapid-fire round. To know more, continue watching this video!

Don’t forget to watch the finale tonight which is going to see powerful performances and will have your favourite celebs doing impressive acts.

Meanwhile, for more entertainment, check out the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows streaming free on ZEE5.

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