Should Deva Express His Feelings To Monica Or Should He Wait For The Right Time? Vote!

Neel Raju Nalawade

March 18, 2020


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Zee Yuva’s new comedy family drama Doctor Don is winning hearts with its hilarious and heartwarming storyline. The story is about an underworld don Deva, who enrolls himself in a medical college to start a fresh chapter in his life for the sake of winning his daughter’s love and trust. She is upset with him, after learning about his shady business. At college, the daring don falls madly in love with Monica, who is the dean. He tries every trick to make his beloved smile even though the latter despises him. In recent episodes, we saw that Monica’s thoughts about Deva have changed and she has developed a soft corner for him. We want to know your opinion on whether Deva should express his feelings to her or should he wait for the right time.

Watch the episode of Doctor Don here.

1. Here’s why Deva should express his feelings to Monica

doctor don
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In many of the previous episodes, we have seen Deva trying to impress Monica.  His efforts are finally giving fruitful results as Monica’s thoughts about Deva have drastically changed and she now considers him as a good person. In the last episode, we saw Monica getting along with Deva on their trip to Alibaug. Later, she sang praises about Deva in front of Aai. And therefore, we think it’s good to strike an iron when it’s hot. Deva should make the best use of this time and express his feelings to Monica, especially since the latter also seems to be developing feelings for him.

2. He should wait for some time

A still from Doctor Don
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We all know that haste makes waste. After many efforts, Deva has somewhat managed to change his image in Monica’s mind. Therefore, maybe it’s a good idea for him to wait for some time and try to become eligible for Monica. He can now focus on his studies and be a sincere student. Moreover, he should also try and prove his worth by working hard. This will surely help him get on the better side when the time comes to express his feelings to Monica.

We think he should go with the second option. What do you think? Should Deva express his feelings or should he wait for the right time? Express your thoughts by voting below and stay tuned for the results!

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