Should Anu Tell Her Father Subbu About Her Feelings For Arya?


March 19, 2020

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Anu and Arya from Jothe Jotheyali have a relationship that is not easy for people to accept for more than one reason. To begin with, their age difference is reason enough to question a relationship as theirs. Another is the fact that Anu is a simple, middle-class girl while Arya is one of the richest business tycoons in the country. While Anu begins to work for Arya, the two develop feelings for each other which is highly opposed by Jhende and Subbu, who is Anu’s father.

Subbu is initially shown as very warm and welcoming towards Arya. He didn’t question Anu’s whereabouts even when she was with him. However, as time passed by, everyone in the neighbourhood noticed Arya’s frequent visits to Anu’s house and even began to taunt Subbu and Pushpa about the same. While Pushpa doesn’t pay much heed to what they have to say, the taunts get stuck in Subbu’s mind to an extent where he approaches Neel to marry his daughter.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

While Subbu must tell Anu what really is bothering him, it is high time that Anu told Subbu about her feelings for Arya. Her parents have always given her the freedom to express her thoughts without thinking twice. This is definitely a sensitive issue but it also a matter of her life and the person that she will be spending the rest of it with. Anu must tell her father that she must first complete her studies and begin to earn her own money. Once she is professionally settled, it is then that they should think of her marriage. When it comes to Arya, she must confess her feelings for him so that Subbu refrains from taking things forward with Neel.

Subbu, on the other hand, mustn’t pay any attention to what the neighbourhood says with regard to the upbringing of his daughter or who Anu is spending time with, as people will always have something unnecessary to say.

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