SHOCKING! Murali Waits For The Real Vamsi To Come Home And Marry Vasundhara

Sneha Bale

September 13, 2019


3 min

In the ZEE Telugu show Maate Mantramu, something totally unexpected comes our way. Murali, the con man who has been faking his everything to be Vamsi, now turns good. For the unversed, here’s a little flashback. A few months ago, Vamsi and Vasundhara confessed their love for each other. But due to Kantamma’s cheap tactics, Vasundhara had to keep Vamsi at bay. This angered him and he left the house to never come back again. Before his accident, he met a man who was in desperate need of money and Vamsi promised to help. When Vamsi was in a coma, Murali pretended to be Vamsi and tried to run the Kakarla house.

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Now, something extremely shocking comes our way. And yes, guilty as charged, we had not seen this coming. Call it a shock or a sweet surprise, either way, we are taken aback. Right now, the Kakarla family decided to conduct a homam for the well-being of Vamsi. This homam required a girl, or Vamsi’s would-be, to accompany him. And yes, the fight between Vasundhara and Nakshatra began once again. While we expected Murali to wait for Vasundhara, he said something that had us rechecking what he just spilt out.

Everyone in Maate Mantramu
Everyone in Maate Mantramu

Murali said, “I hope Vasundhara does not make it in time. I hope she does not come here.” Once Nakshatra came, Murali said, “Thank god. Vasundhara shouldn’t be here. Vamsi sir must come back and take Vasundhara’s hand and marry her. That’s where she belongs.” Are you surprised too? Or is it just us? We started wondering how this cosmic change began but Murali graciously gave us the answer, or so we assume. Currently, his mother and younger sister lay unconscious in a secret room. The shadowy man has been torturing to break Murali’s facade. Maybe it is he, who brought this much-needed change.

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