Shivani Rangole From Aamhi Doghi Shows Us How To Get The Right Selfie

If you are unsure of the angle, you can directly face the sun for overexposure.

Manjiri Shete

June 23, 2019


4 min


To get the right picture, you’ve got to have a right angle and lighting (and God’s grace) by your side for your picture to look good. Those thousands of futile attempts of clicking the right image on my camera roll stand as proof. As I speak to you about selfies, one actress who knows to the game is Shivani Rangole from Aamhi Doghi. She has given me lessons on how to get the look for that perfect picture.

Before you proceed, have a look at her serial Aamhi Doghi on ZEE5

So before you click the next selfie, keep the below points in mind…

1. Angles are important

Unfortunately, in school, the selfie angles weren’t included in our mathematics curriculum. Let me tell you, these angles are more important than acute and obtuse. For a selfie, you can use the top view. Go for a real smile, try not to fake it.

2. The right kind of lighting is bae

You can keep on changing your positions until you find the right light. You don’t even require makeup for this hack, let the delicate morning sunlight shine on your face.

3. The knowledge of flash is your encyclopedia

Sometimes when the light is low, you must make use of flash. If your phone’s inbuilt camera doesn’t support flash, then you can opt for Snapchat which has a selfie camera. On other accounts when there is enough light, try avoiding flash as much as possible.

4. Pretend you’re are a supermodel (unless you are, where you don’t have to pretend)

When you give yourself that mental-boost, it subconsciously makes you more self-confident for the selfie. You can channel your inner model to get the look right. Just don’t overthink too much. Personally, this hack helps me.

5. Keep away from shadows at all costs

Shadows can make you look older and can add those unnecessary under eye bags. If you are unsure of the angle, you can directly face the sun for overexposure or look completely away from it for a subtle light. Best time to click a selfie is usually in the mornings and during twilight.

6. Using the right kind of edits

Most importantly, you must embrace your flaws. You are not your favourite actress. You may want to look like her, but in the end, you are YOU which is unique. Just embrace your natural self and click away!

No one likes pictures that are edited over the top as nowadays there is a subtlety in using a filter. On that note, I am keen on knowing which amongst the above hacks you will be using for your next selfie?

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