Shilpa Shetty Kundra On Not Just Supper Stars: I Have Weighed 58-60 Kg For 25 Years Now

Shilpa Shetty Kundra, star of classics like Dhadkan, Badhaai Ho Badhaai is the first guest on Gunjan Utreja-hosted ZEE5 show Not Just Supper Stars.

Aayushi Sharma

October 11, 2019


4 min


Not Just Supper Stars is an informal and happy chat at the supper table – a first for a chat show! The conversation flows from food to tips, tricks and personal anecdotes from the celebrity and their entourage including funny stories on sets of the films or even just intimate stories of the relationship that they share. Hosted by Gunjan Utreja, the first episode starred Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Luke Coutinho.

The episode starts with Gunjan’s brief stand-up act at JW Mariott Hotel (Sahar, Mumbai). He introduces the Dhadkan actress as Shilpa ‘slim waist’ Shetty Kundra. The sleek and svelte starlet chose a marigold co-ord set by July Issue for her appearance. Shilpa, who is an actor, fitness enthusiast, owns an IPL team, a mother of a beautiful boy, juggles her professional and personal responsibilities striking the perfect balance. However, she reveals in the first segment that she still has a lot of things to tick on her bucket list. “I want to do a course in nutrition,” she lists further adding, “I want to be able to do the split, I used to able to do it earlier. I am happy nailing the Vruschik aasan now.”

Luke, who joins Shilpa on the show shortly after, reveals that they both don’t know their weight. “We don’t know our weight. I have been at a constant 58-60 for the past 25 years, besides my pregnancy and after that. You are what you eat, you are also what you think,” adds the Bollywood celebrity. Did you know Shilpa has played Volleyball and Taekwondo in her childhood? Bet you didn’t know that about her!

“I can’t jump out of bed. I wake up at 6:20 am, give myself 10 minutes and then at 6:30 am I am in my son’s room. 7:15 he leaves for school.”

Next was the Buzzkill round wherein Gunjan threw a mix of films and fitness-related questions at his guests. Shilpa won this round, but Luke made up for it in the Under 5 round. The round required the two to reply to a question under five seconds and Luke beat Shilpa with his quick timing!

Chef Shrikant Jogdankar prepared a delicious ‘Vegetable Masala Khichdi’ for the guests. It is mention worthy that Luke had his eyes on bitter gourd shots though! Yes, karela juice! Speaking of food, Shilpa said she has perfected the Chicken Pulab and raita recipe. It doesn’t need anything else to go with it she adds.

During the conversation, Luke quickly doled out fitness tips too.
1. Eat but don’t overeat or at the wrong time.
2. Do some activity.
3. Sleep well.
4. Food cannot fix emotions.

Shilpa added that she is someone who loves food and doesn’t understand the keto and other types of diets that people go on. Watch more of her revelations in the episode below:

How many of these facts did you know about Shilpa already? Tell us in the comments box below.

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