Shesh Theke Shuru Star Ritabhari Chakraborty’s Newfound Talent Will Blow Your Mind


May 16, 2020


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A Little Writer’s Study


Ritabhari Chakraborty, the gorgeous actor from the latest Bengali film Shesh Theke Shuru, has discovered a new talent during the Coronavirus lockdown period. She has become so good at it, that she is keen to devote more time to it and has been practising it a lot. Ritabhari has learned how to create the cutest, most beautiful miniatures that you need to check out! Scroll down for details.

Can you believe that this cute little setup is a miniature created by Ritabhari herself? It is a close-up view of a writer’s study that she has made inside a shoebox! How detailed and gorgeous is that? Watch her in the trailer of Shesh Theke Shuru below:


Grandma’s Kitchen


This is a miniature kitchen that Ritabhari has titled ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’. This is so quaint, it even has the most realistic looking objects in it like slices of brown bread on a plate, a teacup, and oatmeal! Everything looks extremely lifelike for sure.

Tribute To Fellini


Ritabhari has paid a touching tribute to the famous Italian filmmaker, Federico Fellini, of whom she is a great fan, with this miniature camera and film reel. The bespectacled figurine perched atop it adds to its charm. Isn’t that simply amazing?

A Cosy Tea Corner


Says Ritabhari, “My effort to create a miniature model of an attic kids room turned into a tea corner. The kids grew up so they decided to turn the attic into a cozy corner where they can share a warm cup of tea with sun rays falling on their feet while reminiscing what a wonderful life they have lived together!” We couldn’t be more delighted with the results!

A Tiny Bedroom


This tiny bedroom has been carefully created with intricate details like lacy pillowcases and even a laptop resting on the bed! The pots of colourful flowers and a shelf of dolls complete this setup. Ritabhari Chakraborty’s distinct style of design and aesthetic eye is absolutely phenomenal!

Tintin And Snowy


In this beautifully heartwarming miniature, Ritabhari has recreated our favourite comic book characters. Herge’s Adventures of Tintin has been represented most gorgeously with these figurines of Tintin, who is reading on a couch, and his dog Snowy, who is sitting on rug in front of him in a scene that Ritabhari calls their favourite quarantine mood! Who knew the actor was hiding such an incredible talent all this while?

Did you enjoy Ritabhari’s miniatures? Let us know in the comment section below.

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