Sharman Joshi Spills The Beans On His Role In Baarish 2, Chemistry With Asha Negi And More

“Baarish is one of the few projects where I’ve not found out about the story or the character, I just went with it” reveals Sharman in the interview.

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May 7, 2020


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ZEE5 web series Baarish season 2 is back with the much-loved old school romance. The series features Sharman Joshi and Asha Negi in the lead roles, and their on-screen chemistry and their inseparable bond, has won audiences’ hearts. This series makes one believe in #PyarkaImtehaan, as it speaks about the tests one faces when one is in love and also shows us the magic of true love, besides teaching us important things in life.

The story of the series revolves around a businessman, Anuj and a middle-class girl, Gauravi. Both Anuj and Gauravi’s on-screen chemistry is loved by the audiences and the two have become a household name.

Actor Sharman Joshi who essays the role of Anuj, a diamond merchant, shared heartfelt gratitude to ZEE5 and Ekta Kapoor and her team for allowing him to work in the series. The handsome, and popular actor, recently got candid with us and in an interview he spoke about his experience of working with the legendary actor Jeetendra Kapoor, his role as Anuj, his chemistry with Asha and much more.

What is our opinion on the second season of Baarish?

Season 1 of Baarish was the beginning of a relationship between Anuj and Gauravi where both go for an arranged marriage setup and how life throws challenges at them. The first season ended over there. Now, in the second season, challenges persist from there, and it is about how Anuj and Gauravi find love and enjoy the fruits of true love. Audiences will see their chemistry in the second season with a lot of drama involved.

In season 1, Sharman played the character of Anuj, a not so highly educated diamond merchant,  how did you manage to get back to the same character in season 2?

The beginning portion of the series we were shooting chronologically, so it was easy in that sense. To bring the older Anuj and gradually shift, as in he starts learning English, and practises it, he then addresses the meetings in English and becomes confident about himself. As the character progresses in season 2, likewise, I followed the character portrayal. Nandita and the writers have to be given the credit for helping me ease into the more dynamic and updated version of Anuj.

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Tell us about your experience working with the Bollywood iconic hero, Jeetu ji?

Jeetendra sir being part of the show is such an honour, I can’t even describe. The most exciting part of season 2, was the fact that I would get an opportunity to work with the legendary actor, and I was looking forward to working with him on the sets. It was a wonderful journey and we had a lot of fun with him. We spent a lot of time with him, and he told us anecdotes about his work life, and life in general. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and lovable experience. I hope we do season 3, for no other reason but just to get a chance to work with Jeetendra Sahab again! It would be an absolute pleasure.

During season 1 promotion, Asha Negi mentioned that you played pranks on the sets. Did you do this time in the season 2nd as well?

It’s a normal thing for me, and I cannot differentiate between pranks and me being myself. I spent so much time with Asha, and we have scenes together, she is a good sport. During the shoot, there was a time I used to be casual during the shot, and she used to be hassled and once she alleged that I distracted her. Then I decided to not do that but still managed to do some little pranks.

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What’s the main thing about the show that made you say yes for it?

Well, Ekta is the main reason, she is known to my wife and their family for a long time. Once Ekta came to see my English play with her dear friend Sandeep Sikand, who was acting in and producing the play. I did not get a chance to meet her, but Ekta met my wife and praised me and my work. When my wife shared it with me, I was delighted to know that Ekta felt that way. A few weeks later, I got a call from her office, and I immediately said yes for the show. 

When Nandita called and narrated the show, in my head I was sure that I was going to do the show, and I wanted to reciprocate the love that Ekta had expressed at the time of the play. Baarish is one of the few projects, where I have not found out about the story, or the character that I am playing, I just went with it. I am glad I did that, as it was a wonderful experience and I had a great time working for Ekta’s production house, for Nandita, and also working with Asha. It was a memorable and pleasurable journey.

While we have seen you do some romantic scenes, we have seen you doing comedy more as a genre, which genre do you enjoy more? 

As an actor, we all are looking for challenges constantly and many of us are very realistic of what we can do and what we cannot. These are genres which you have mentioned comedy, romance or drama, is something I think I can manage, and then there are genres which I can explore. I have done a horror genre, and a black comedy and have also done a film like Hate Story 3. Looking forward to whichever genre comes my way, I will be happy to grab the opportunity and work on it.

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