Shakti Is Over The Moon As Poove Poochoodava Completes Two Years

April 25, 2019


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Poove Poochoodava has completed the two years! Phew! That’s a feat to achieve. It all feels like yesterday, when we first saw the bubbly Shakti, with her cute smile appear on the screen and the woman hater Shiva who struggles with his emotions has to marry her. The show that streams on ZEE5 has a charm to it, even though there are times when we think that Shiva should have been more considerate about Shakti’s feelings.

Watch the conflict between the couple Shiva and Shakti, in the series Poove Poochoodava.

There are various ways to express the appreciation that as a viewer I feel the need to celebrate the second anniversary of Poove Poochudava. I feel the best way is to pay my tribute to the distinction that this series marks while existing between the other prime time series.

For fans, the series is about the struggle of an independent woman to make her partner realise her worth. In this respect, the series has a flavour of feminism which is surprising. So, you would never see Shakti falter and leave her issues at the hands of anyone else. You would see her face challenges bravely with a smile on her face. Also, you would barely see her giving up on people.

Thus, even when Shiva faces a dilemma in his life and decides to end his relationship with Shakti, she is confident enough that she will come up with a way to make him realise about her importance. This indicates her realisation as a woman about her importance in a relationship.

On the other hand, you would see Shiva having contrasting features as that of Shakti but even then you should realise that he is not a weak character who suffers due to lack of opinion but it is his extreme attitude towards things that creates friction in his relationship.

Do send in your wishes for the team of Poove Poochoodava on completion of two years in the comments below!

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