Shahid Kapoor: Mira Rajput Calls Me Boring; Misha Loves Ishan Khatter’s Zingaat Song

Shahid talked about wife Mira’s style sense, “She dresses extremely well for her age, her stage, for someone who is not an actor and had exposure.”

Aayushi Sharma

October 24, 2019


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“I am usually dragged out of bed by my daughter Misha,” Shahid Kapoor reveals about his three-year-old baby girl. The Jab We Met actor was on ZEE5 show Not Just Supper Stars along with his personal trainer Samir Jaura when he spoke at length about his two adorable kids – Misha and Zain and gorgeous wife Mira Rajput. Shahid has earlier spoken about how Misha wants him to get out of bed in the mornings and spend time with him. Divulging further details, he told host Gunjan Utreja, “For some reason, she is very kind to her mother. So, the mother can sleep but the father has to wake up. We have breakfast together. I have oats and raisins in them and she likes that. We have a little garden space, so she likes to spend time and chill there. Sometimes, she talks about the sea, the birds or what she did with her friends. Thanks to Mira, the kids have a very busy schedule. She has a very defined and designed day for them. I think it’s very good for children because you need them to stay occupied and do things that are constructive.”

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Shahid also recalled an incident when Misha asked him why a few fans wanted to click a picture with him. “There are specific places where we take her, I am talking about Misha, on Sundays. With Mira, I have to go out a lot more often. I am technically called boring by her most of the time because I don’t like to eat out that often. I am a little more disciplined with my format and all that. Some people once came running in, Misha was with me, and then when we sat in the car she asked me, ‘why did they want a picture with you?’ I know there is a song of mine which she really likes, she also likes Ishaan Khatter’s Zingaat, she really likes these two songs. So I had to really explain it to her. I said they also like these songs so they had to take a picture with Papa. You have to try and simplify and explain it in ways that kids can understand. It must be weird for her to wonder why people who don’t know us are interested in us,” he said.

Asked about how life is with Mira, he shares, “Anybody who you share your life with influences you. All your experiences are shared, being a husband is a learning experience.” He even told us about how their holidays are planned. “We take turns, if one person does the planning then they can throw it at another person saying listen I did it last time. It gets competitive then which holiday was better. Our tastes are actually quite different. She’d want to go to a museum and I’d just sit at a cafe and chill. She has this need to discover and I have this need to chill. When you come back from holiday, you should feel like you had a holiday. So whatever you need to feel like you had a good time, although holidays with children – you need a holiday after that holiday (laughs). It’s a lot of responsibility,” said the Haider star.

“We have an extremely different sense of style. Mira dresses extremely well for her age and her stage. Also, for a fact who is not an actor who has had exposure to all these people explaining to you how you should dress,” Mira’s handsome better half told Gunjan.

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