Sembaruthi’s Aishwarya Says Attitude Is Everything And We Cannot Agree More

September 4, 2019


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Janani Ashokkumar who plays the part of Aishwarya Shankar, in the series Sembaruthi that streams on ZEE5, is a real motivator. Her Instagram page is filled with inspirational quotes and motivational one-liners. Now, this actress, it should be said, agrees with the fact that one needs immense motivation to overcome the challenges in life and rise above our problems to become a better human being.

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In a recent addition to her inspirational posts, the actress shared a post which speaks about the significance of having a certain attitude in life. Before we divulge into the details of this notion, let us have a quick look at Janani’s Insta post.

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Now, this is a dual message that the actress has tried to give in one single quote. If you look at it closely, it speaks about the positivity that you should imbibe in life. The actress also makes a good and correct assertion that life has many aspects which we cannot control. But she also says that we still are left with two things that we can control and those things are work ethics and your attitude about everything.

Work ethics is something which like our attitude needs to be formed and reformed over the years of practice and understanding. For it is easy to work for anyone or make anyone work for you but what matters is how you take the work or deal with the people who work with you. It is important to realise that everyone is fighting their own demons and believe in the ability of people with you and the same applies to you when you are working with someone. Try to understand their situation before you judge them.

This mentality can make you reach high in life and all you need to do to achieve this is to change your attitude. Just look at things from the other person’s perspective and you might see that life and people will appear different to you and you might just get a whole new perspective about things in life. So, be a little patient and bring the change in you that you want to see in the world.

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