Sembaruthi: Parvathy Gives A Fitting Reply To Mithra For Going Against AkhilandeshwarIi

June 20, 2019


2 min

Parvathy is humble, and well-brought-up girl, hence, there’s no need to wonder why Adi fell in love with her. Adi rejected everyone else and chose Parvathy to be his better-half, and he has done right by doing so. Yesterday’s episode had a few highlights, but the dialogue between Parvathy and Mithra stole the show. Parvathy’s presence of mind and her sincere intentions to protect the integrity of the Aadhikadavur house ruined Vanaja’s desire to see Akhilandeshwari with handcuffs.

Watch the latest episode of Sembaruthi here:

Parvathy stops the police from arresting Akhilandeshwari by handing over the court order in the nick of time. She had seen Vanaja stealing the anticipatory bail paper from Adi’s room and had secretly chased her to see where she keeps it. Parvathy realises that Vanaja wants to send Akhilandeshwari behind bars by hook or crook, hence she quietly sneaks into her room to get the bail paper.

Later, after saving Akhilandeshwari from an embarrassing situation, Parvathy confronts Mithra, who looks visibly upset because her plan failed to materialise.

Parvathy warns Mithra against doing anything that would harm Akhilandeshwari or her image in society. She gives a fitting reply to Mithra by saying that she may not be as qualified as her, but she has been taught not to think ill for anyone. Parvathy says that she will not let Mithra succeed in her attempts.

Watch the video to see how Parvathy challenges Mithra:

Akhilandeshwari doesn’t know that Mithra belongs to the Nagpuri Vamsam, and is involved with Nandhini. How do you think Parvathy will expose Mithra? For more entertainment, check out the videos of ZEE5.

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