Sembaruthi June 22 Written Update: Adithya Asks Senthil To Tell The Truth In Court

June 22, 2019


2 min

The cat is out of the bag. The truth about Senthil’s involvement in Nandhini’s plan to frame Akhilandeshwari in the false case of selling adulterated baby food has been revealed. Adi, who had visited Senthil’s residence, suspects his involvement after he sees his father behaving in a peculiar manner. Adi leaves Senthil’s residence only to return on the pretext of taking his sunglasses back. That is when he catches Senthil red-handed as he tries to keep the money and jewellery safely.

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Adi beats up Senthil and makes his confess his crime. Senthil reveals that he was asked by Nandhini to do so and in return was paid a huge compensation. Adi tells Senthil to give his statement in the court without taking back his words. Senthil’s wife assures she will make her husband tell the truth.

After returning home, Adi thanks Parvathy for giving him the best suggestion to get hold of the real culprit. He tells her that Senthil was paid a huge price by Nandhini to defame Akhilandeshwari. He hopes that Senthil will give his statement in the court to free Akhiladeshwari of all the charges.

Next morning, Akhilandeshwari arrives in the court along with Adi, Parvathy, Arun, Vanaja and Mithra to attend the proceedings. Nadhini also arrives to see her dream of seeing Akhilandeshwari in handcuffs, manifesting into reality. And Senthil, the man who is going to give his statement as the prime witness in the case also arrives. The court proceedings begin and Senthil is asked to answer the set of questions by the defense lawyer. Will Senthil reveal the truth and name Nandhini?

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