Sembaruthi June 19 Preview: Will Akhilandeshwari Get Arrested?

June 19, 2019


2 min

What will happen in today’s Sembaruthi episode? Adithya had applied for anticipatory bail to prevent Akhilandeshwari’s arrest but it seems it won’t come in handy. The Police arrive at Akhilandeshwari’s residence and ask her to cooperate with them. A police officer asks his female colleague to take out the handcuffs to arrest Akhilandeshwari. But will Adi be able to stop her? Vanaja, Uma and Mithra are happy to see her in despair but will their happiness last for long?

Watch the latest episode of Sembaruthi here:

For those who missed yesterday’s episode, here’s the summary. Nandhini had hatched a plot to name and shame Akhilandeshwari by mixing adulterated milk powder with the food products one of her company’s managed by Adithya, sells. She wants to malign Akhilandeshwari’s reputation by ruining her goodwill in the market. Not only that, Nandhini wants to avenge the humiliation caused to her by sending Akhilandeshwari behind bars.

Incidentally, the Thatha whom Parvathi met at the temple, had alerted her about a threat to someone she loves. And her fears manifest into reality after she finds Akhilandeshwari in trouble. Even Akhilandeshwari had sensed that something wrong might happen. And as she had feared, she landed in big trouble. How will she manage to get out if this legal mess? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

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