Sembaruthi June 17 Written Update: Nandhini Lays A Trap To Get Hold Of Akhilandeshwari

Parvathy gets reminded of Thatha’s words of caution. She shares her concerns with Adi, who asks her not to worry.

June 17, 2019


3 min


Will Nandhini succeed in achieving her goal by putting Akhilandeshwari behind bars? Let’s see how today’s episode of Sembaruthi unfolds. Akhiladeshwari lights a lamp in her temple at her residence, but it turns off. She senses the arrival of trouble and thinks that the turning off the lamp is a bad omen. She asks her domestic help to get a new matchbox. Parvathy visits the temple and helps Akhilandeshwari by lighting the lamp.

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Later, Akhilandeshwari keeps thinking about the lamp. Purushothaman asks her to share her concerns after seeing her worried. She narrates what happened in the temple, and he asks her to cheer up. He feels she must not think much about it because she has an important meeting to attend on the next day. Meanwhile, Parvathy gets reminded of Thatha’s words of caution. She shares her concerns with Adi, who asks her not to worry. He tells her to pray to the Almighty and have faith in him. Adi tells Parvathy to be cheerful and says that he will be able to overcome all the problems in his life if she is happy.

Later at night, Purushottaman discusses his concerns about Akhilandeshwari with Adi. He tells Adi that he has never seen Akhilandeshwari look so worried ever in his life. To make his mother feel better, Adi pretends to be disturbed. Akhiladeshwari makes him feel optimistic and reminds him of his calibre. Thus Adi shows her the mirror and asks her not to get disturbed. Akhilandeshwari regains her lost confidence and gears up for her Mumbai visit.

Meanwhile, Nandhini asks her aide to accuse Akhilandeshwari of selling adulterated baby food. She has already laid a trap by showing in the news that a few children have fallen ill by consuming adulterated food. She tells her aide to execute her plan wisely so that she succeeds in putting Akhilandeshwari behind bars. Will Akhilandeshwari be able to prove she is not guilty? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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