Sembaruthi June 14 Written Update: Nandhini Hatches A Plot To Ruin Akhilandeshwari’s Image

June 14, 2019


3 min

Today’s Sembaruthi episode had an interesting twist. Mithra wouldn’t have fathomed that the plot he had hatched to get Parvathy trapped, will work against her. Her plan turned out to be a nightmare for her after she gets accused of ordering the cup from the store by the shopkeeper. Akhilandeshwari fumes with anger and slaps Mithra for misleading her. She says there’s nothing except for her horoscope that is worthy of matching her son and warns her against taking things for granted.

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Uma also gets a dose of scoldings from Akhilandeshwari for helping Mithra and Vanaja in their dirty games. And last but not least, Akhilandeshwari gives an earful to Vanaja for doing cringe-worthy things. She tells Vanaja that if she cannot impart goodness to the would-be daughter-in-law of the house, then she must refrain from being a party to her misdeeds.

Later in the day, Vanaja and Mithra wonder how the shopkeeper could produce evidence against her when she hadn’t even known him. She assumes that Parvathy would have alerted Adi about the mug, and he would have made the necessary arrangements to escape getting caught. Vanaja gets disappointed, but she doesn’t lose hope. She tells Uma and Mithra that they must keep trying until they succeed.

A while later, Mithra receives a call from the blackmailer who threatens to expose her in front of Akhilandeshwari. Mithra requests him not to do so, but he refuses to listen. Mithra informs Vanaja about the blackmailer’s phone call, but she asks her not to worry. She is confident that the blackmailer won’t approach Akhilandeshwari so soon. However, Vanaja wonders who could be the blackmailer.

Meanwhile, Adi and Parvathy discuss the entire event and how they could have landed in trouble. That’s when Adi reveals to Parvathy that it was he who had asked the shopkeeper to accuse Mithra. Parvathy feels guilty of cheating Akhilandeshwari and even Adi regrets keeping his mother in the dark about the truth. However, he assures Parvathy of the good days ahead.

Elsewhere, Nandini hatches a plot to ruin Akhilandeshwari’s goodwill and reputation with Senthil’s help. She vows to put Akhilandeshwari behind the bars to avenge her. Will Nandhini succeed in her mission? Let us know your views by leaving your comments below.

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