Sembaruthi: Adi Finds A Perfect Way To Convince Akhila About The Factory Problems

We all know about the nature of Akhilandeshwari. She is adamant, arrogant and egoistic. Will she be able to find the solution to the problems in her factory? Scroll down to know more.


July 29, 2020


3 min


Sembaruthi starring Shabana Shajahan and Karthik Raj revolves around Adithya (a rich boy) and Parvathy (naive village girl, who is Adi’s household cook). The two meet at Adi’s mansion; They hit it off instantly and get secretly married to each other. But the biggest obstacle to their happiness is Adi’s mom Akhilandeshwari, who is strict and demanding and has different notions of what her daughter-in-law should be like. Watch the show on ZEE5 to see what action does Akhila take when she finds out about her son’s secret wedding to his housemaid.

Warning: Scroll down only if you are up for a spoiler alert!

Watch the latest episode of Sembaruthi here:

On Monday (July 27, 2020), the channel started airing the new episodes. In the previous episode, we see that Parvathy tries to tell Akhila about Nandini’s evil plans but Akhila takes no action as she does not believe her. In the new episode, we see that Adi finds out about the factory issues and finds a way to convince his mother to take action.

Here’s how he does it:

Adi speaks to Gajendran and the mill’s (factory) supervisor about the company issues. Later, he tells his father Purushotham about it, who speaks to Akhila and tries to talk her into taking action against Nandini and save their mill. However, Akhila, being the adamant, arrogant and egoistic by nature, throws Purushotham out of her room. When Adi learns about Akhila’s attitude towards this crucial matter, he decides to convince her.

Adithya talks to his mother and asks her to go to the company and resolve the issues but the latter tells him to mind his own business. She further adds that he has no right to tell her what to do. Adi then tells Akhila that if she is incapable of taking care of the company, then she can hand it over to him, adding that he will make things right and give her the company back the way it was earlier. Well, Adi’s plan to hurt Akhila’s ego to make her act upon the ongoing issue is just perfect, isn’t it?

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