Sembaruthi 9 September 2019 Written Update: Purushothaman Postpones Adi-Mithra’s Marriage

September 9, 2019


3 min


In today’s episode of Sembaruthi, on one hand, Arun and Aishwarya’s bond grows stronger, and on the other, Purushothaman succeeds in postponing Adithya and Mithra’s wedding ceremony. Read on to know how the episode unfolded.

The episode opens with the scene that shows Aishwarya lying on the floor besides Arun. She tells him that she is angry with him but is proud of being the wife of a man, who admits he did wrong, and is now eager to correct himself. She says that she will stand by him through thick and thin, and at no cost she will leave him alone. Thus, the bond between Aishwarya and Arun grows stronger. Meanwhile, Parvathy who was confident that Aishwarya will forgive Arun, shares a few cheerful moments with Adithya before leaving for the outhouse. A while later, when Parvathy returns home, Sundaram confronts her for turning up late. She tells him that she got late because she wanted Aishwarya and Arun to sort out the differences between them. But Sundaram isn’t convinced. He tells Parvathy not to do anything that would make her seek justice from Adithya, the way Shailaja sought it from Arun. For the first time perhaps, Parvathy gets angry with her father’s remarks. She feels offended by his comments and says that he should have shown more faith in his daughter.

In the meantime, Akhilandeshwari starts hunting for a wedding hall for Adithya and Mithra’s marriage. When she shares her concerns about Adithya-Mithra’s wedding getting postponed, Purushothaman asks her not to be in a hurry. He says that an astrologer has asked him to keep Adi’s marriage plans on hold for the next six months. Thus, he managers to convince Akhilandeshwari and hopes that six months down the line, she will accept Parvathy as her daughter-in-law.

Next morning, Aishwarya feels that she must no longer get her work done by Parvathy. She feels the need to give Parvathy the much needed respect. Hence, she makes a cup of coffee for herself. Vanaja, Mithra and Uma, who see her doing her own work, tell her to delegate task to Parvathy. They start addressing Parvathy as a maid and thus end up angering Aishwarya. To give them a fitting reply, Aishwarya almost ends up revealing that Parvathy is the daughter-in-law of the house. But Parvathy gestures her not to reveal anything. Soon after receiving a signal from Parvathy, Aishwarya changes her statement, and says that Parvathy is a brand ambassador. Vanaja, who is very shrewd, wonders why is Aishwarya so attached to Parvathy. To know what Vanaja will do to find out the truth, keep watching Sembaruthi, and for more entertainment, watch Piriyadha Varam Vendum, on ZEE5.

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