ZEE5 Original Horn Ok Please Shows The Beauty Of Living In Mumbai

Through Advik and Gayatri’s everyday life we get a glimpse into various beautiful facets of the city.

Manjiri Shete

May 9, 2019


3 min


Horn Ok Please shows us the daily struggles of the life in Mumbai. When you come from a different region, it can be hard to take it in, especially the fast-paced lifestyle in the city that never stops. These vibes are captured in the ZEE5 Original Horn Ok Please. This series shows the struggles of the two working professionals, played by Virajas Kulkarni and Isha Keskar, who are making the ends meet independently. Reading this, are you tempted to give it a watch? Here are the reasons why every person who has migrated to Mumbai will love the city even more after watching Horn Ok Please.

Before you proceed, watch Horn Ok Please below:


1. Cheap train travel

Given the traffic in the city, the fastest way to reach your destination is by train. You might be tempted to take rickshaw and taxi, but there is no guarantee that you will reach on time. More importantly, the trains won’t give up on you, except in the monsoons.

2. Metered public transport

The unique beauty of the city is the meter-based rickshaw and taxi travel. Here everything works on the meter and you won’t be charged sky-high rates for short distances. You won’t get to see this in the other cities. Most often, the drivers and the general public is very helpful when you are navigating in the city as a newcomer, like Advik. Even is seen taking a taxi.

3. Traffic 

One aspect of this fast-moving city is the unceasing traffic that will go on throughout the day. This can be quite gruesome in the morning and evening when you are going to and returning from work. However, looking at the bright side, you can always binge on your favourite ZEE5 shows!

4. Modern lifestyle

You can hate, but you cannot escape it. I love the way Gayatri dresses in Horn Ok Please. When you first enter Mumbai, this all can see pretty daunting you. But, once you make this city your own, you can never get enough of it. Mumbai is so fashion forward, it tempts you to try all the new styles that are in the market.

5. Live-in relationships

Horn Ok Please shows how a beautiful relationship blooms between Gayatri and Advaik. This way they even get to know each other more intimately.

If you, too, have moved to the City of Dreams (or you are a local), it’s a great time for you to binge on this TV show. It’s very relatable to all of us.

What are your thoughts about this city? Let us know in the comments below.

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