Sembaruthi 6 September 2019 Preview: Akhilandeshwari To Shoot Herself?

September 6, 2019


2 min

In yesterday’s episode of Sembaruthi, we saw Akhilandeshwari fuming after knowing about Arun and Shailaja’s illegitimate child. We also saw how she beat him up for bringing shame to the family. Today, she might decide to put an end to her life. Yes, those who know how furious she turns when she is angry, will see Akhilandeshwari taking a drastic step.

Today, Akhilandeshwari will regret giving birth to a son like Arun and to punish herself, she will put the gun to her head. Will she kill herself in a fit of rage? For the unversed, Shailaja, Arun’s former girlfriend has returned to his life after a year-and-a-half to make his life miserable. She has teamed up with Nandhini, the arch-rival of his family for the sake of money. Nandhini has paid her a whopping sum of Rs 15 crore to name and shame Arun by proving that he is the father of her child. Parvathy finds out the truth about Shailaja and informs Arun about it before he hands over Rs 10 crore in cash to her. Thus, she saves Arun from falling in Nandhini’s trap.

However, Nandhini makes things worse for Arun by telling Akhilandeshwari about his relationship with Shailaja. Akhilandeshwari returns home and slaps Arun for causing irreparable damage to her image and reputation.

Will Parvathy, who had learnt that Shailaja is Nandhini’s aide, be able to stop Akhilandeshwari from causing harm to herself? Will Adithya, who always found a solution to all the problems, save Arun by proving that Shailaja has falsely implicated him? Stay tuned and keep following Sembaruthi. And for more entertainment, watch Nachiyarpuram,starring real-life couple Dinesh and Rachitha, on ZEE5.

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